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Article Submission Guidelines

Life of Gaia is a sacred space, a journey into the unknown to discover ourselves through each other.

Welcome Home…

We would LOVE you to share your story and inspire others….

Before we start, we have one important request please… that the story be your own personal story, that it be from your heart, and that it be written with the most honesty, vulnerability, and authenticity possible. We believe these are the stories that we all deeply relate to and that have the power to magically connect us.

The rest is completely open to you. You can choose to submit guest post about your personal journey, spirituality, sacred spaces, sacred science, plant medicines, etc.

Life of Gaia encourages you to openly share your experiences and knowledge with this amazing community!

Please make sure to read all of the guidelines and FAQs below before proceeding with your submission.

Submission Guidelines :

  • Article length is to be between 1000 to 2,000 words. (If you go a little over or under, no problem)
  • Select a topic or title and write an original article that has not been published on any website or platform. Plagiarism checks will need to be used to ensure that the content is unique.
  • Select a title that makes readers curious to read more. (Tip: The most read articles start with the word “How”)
  •  Share anything you’d like us to know about your inspiration, experience, and thoughts. Help readers know about your journey and how you overcame challenges. No sales/selling articles pls.
  •  Please feel free to add 2-3 links to other reputable websites to support research etc
  •  Please select 2-3 images for your article. These can be your own images or you can select them from https://elements.envato.com/ (we will purchase the image rights).
  •  You are welcome to submit more than 1 article if you wish. Each article will link back to your website/email (if you choose to).

How To Submit :

  • Send your post in a Word Document to info@lifeofgaia.com, with the title in the subject line.
  •  Attach your photo, link to your website, and a short bio and your image selection to the email.
  • After sending your article we will reply to you to confirm that we have received your submission

Your Article on Life of Gaia :

  • Your article will receive exposure and will be shared on several social media and publication sites.
  • Every post includes a link to your website/email so that interested readers can contact you.

Thank you for your sharing, your contribution, and for joining us on this sacred journey. -Life of Gaia

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