Where Do Science and Spirituality Meet?

World-renowned scientist Albert Einstein once remarked that the source of all true science is the “sensation of the mystical”. Everything that is not understood is mystical until scientific discoveries are made to back it up with fact. One could even argue that science is, in its own way, a kind of magic.

Many scientific discoveries throughout human history have supported beliefs that were previously considered to be mystical ones- the creation of the Universe, the evolution of man, and our place in the stars. As discoveries were made, concrete evidence was put together until one specific theory stood out from the rest.

Many spiritual beliefs today have begun to be backed by science. Perhaps one day a single theory will be able to provide enough evidence for the scientific community to consider these concepts to be a fact. For now, we will discuss the spiritual beliefs and the evidence that backs them up.

1.  A Universal Life Force

Many spiritualists believe in the existence of a universal life force. There are various names for this life force- prana, source, energy, etc. Through this life force, there is a deep unseen world tethering us all together.

The universal life force is also a significant contributor to one’s health. For example, chakras are considered centers of energy in the body. In order to enter a higher state of existence, one must balance their chakras and allow the energy to flow through them interrupted.

Though a lot of people consider this to be woo-woo spiritual thinking, scientists have backed up the idea that everything is composed of energy. In fact, they have been saying this since the early 19th century when quantum physicists discovered that atoms are composed of tiny vibrating vortices of energy.

At the root of this is the understanding that every single object in our Universe, including humans, is made up of tiny vibrating particles. Nothing has visible structure when you look close enough. Therefore, according to science “the universe is immaterial-mental and spiritual.”

2. The Power of Human Consciousness


Quantum mechanics was a theory created to explain certain inconsistencies in the former Atomic Theory of matter. In a similar pattern, inconsistencies in Quantum mechanics led scientists to the creation of String Theory. One such inconsistency was discovered during a fascinating study known as the Double Slit Experiment.

During this experiment, scientists shot tiny particles through a double slit and observed the patterns they created on the other side. The final outcome changed depending solely upon one factor- human observation.

When a person observed the particles going through the double slit, they acted like particles and created two spots on the wall where they hit. When no human observed the particles, they acted like waves and created an array of spots on the wall.

This is one of the first scientific experiments of its kind that concluded that simple human consciousness can change the outcome of the physical world. Therefore, spiritual beliefs such as the Law of Attraction and a manifestation of our reality have a foundation backed by science.

3. Meditation and the Mind

Meditation has long been hailed as a method of promoting mindfulness and enhancing consciousness levels within the spirituality community. Though science has not yet understood everything about meditation, many experiments have backed up the positive effects of this practice on the mind.

When scientists monitor the brain’s activity during an individual’s meditation session, they see that the frontal lobes light up with increased activity. This is the part of the brain that has to do with concentration. At the same time, however, the parietal lobes severely decrease activity. This is the part of the brain that gives a person their respective identity or sense of self.

This sounds very similar to the idea of enhanced consciousness- when a person lets go of their ego and becomes one with the universe. As the brain state changes and the person goes into a deeper state of meditation, the connection to the universe increases.

Scientists have also credited meditation with increased empathy towards others, reduced stress, and improved mental health. This is likely due both to the reduction of neural activity, increased control of thoughts, and the dissolution of the self.

4. Shamanism, Psychedelics, and Healing


Shamans are individuals who are said to be the bridge between the physical and spiritual dimensions. Their work has been traced back over ten thousand years through different communities all over the world. Even without being in contact with one another, different civilizations took on similar practices.

Shamans use rituals and ceremonies to take people over the bridge into the spiritual world where they can interact with spiritual guides to learn wisdom and knowledge not otherwise accessible. The shaman is also a doctor of sorts, who helps to heal people through these practices.

Scientific studies have monitored the brain state of individuals undergoing shamanic rituals. Interestingly enough, the brain state is very similar to those who have taken psychedelic drugs. They enter an altered state of consciousness where they are able to interact with things others cannot see.

It is difficult for scientists to conceptualize altered states of consciousness by simply monitoring brain activity. However, through controlled scientific studies, they have concluded there to be definite changes in the brain state that can lead to the strangely lucid awareness of the physical surroundings accompanied by the sense of leaving the body and meeting other beings.

Many people have reported success in healing from past trauma and addiction through psychedelic use and shamanic healing sessions. Though it cannot be said for certain whether this healing stems from consciousness shifts or spiritual guides, it is without a doubt an effective mode of healing.

Closing Thoughts


These scientific discoveries bring light to the idea that magic and mysticism are simply undiscovered science. There is more in this world that we don’t understand than what we do. It is best to never place boundaries on what is possible for each and every exploration of the unknown leads to greater scientific discoveries and understanding of this strange, mystical world.

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