What is Healing? Wisdom from Consciousness Circles

In our search for wellness, healing often presents itself as a destination—a place to arrive once we’ve repaired what’s deemed broken in us. Yet, through a deeper, almost mystical understanding gleaned from a psychedelic journey, a different perspective on healing emerges. It suggests that true healing isn’t about altering ourselves to fix what is broken nor to become something that anyone or anything expects us to be, but about allowing ourselves to simply be exactly who we really are.

At the heart of this journey is the dance with fear and the ego, elements that seem to hinder us but actually pave our path to genuine self-discovery. Fear, an ubiquitous companion, is often seen as an obstacle. However, in the dance of life, it is not about silencing this fear, but rather about honoring its presence and moving through it towards beauty. This beauty exists not just in what we traditionally consider ‘pleasant’ or ‘good’ but can be found in the very essence of our experiences, painful or not. Here, the approach shifts from overcoming to embracing—a subtle yet profound way to transform our interaction with internal conflicts.

The ego, often cast as the villain in our personal narratives, actually holds a romantic attachment to our pains and fears, convincing us to stay in familiar yet limiting spaces—our “small ponds.” This small pond, where pain feels like the only friend, becomes a comfort zone that’s hard to leave. Yet, recognizing this space and understanding its confines is the first step in expanding our horizons. Healing involves acknowledging these confines and then gently, but resolutely, stepping beyond them.

This expansion is not an act of renouncing our past but honoring it as a chapter in our larger story. In this story, each of us is a protagonist who learns and evolves not from trying to fix something, but from an organic, personal exploration of life’s complexities. We all hold space for the wounded parts of ourselves—the inner children who resist lessons and prefer to simply ‘ache’. Healing these aspects involves patience, offering a sacred space where healing can unfold in its own time, respecting the natural reluctance to let go of old wounds.

True healing, then, is synonymous with self-expression. To be healed is to be fully expressed, not restrained by past traumas or societal labels. It’s about reaching a state of authenticity where we live as the fullest versions of ourselves. This state doesn’t require us to change but to become more deeply what we truly are. The journey to this authentic self is the essence of healing. It’s an initiation into our deepest identities, where we discover and embrace who we are at our core.

This process of self-discovery also invites others to embark on their own healing journeys. By being authentically ourselves, we provide a template for others to do the same. This isn’t about leading or teaching in the traditional sense, but about living as an example of authenticity. Our personal transformations become the silent invitations for others to also explore and express their true selves.

In this view, healing transcends the personal; it becomes a communal act of awakening to authenticity. Each person’s healing contributes to a collective environment where authenticity is not only accepted but celebrated. Here, the ‘religion’ of healing is not a system of imposed beliefs but a shared experience of returning to what is most real and true in all of us. It’s about letting things be, not just accepting but embracing the way things are, and in doing so, recognizing the inherent beauty and order of our natural states.

Therefore, what is healing? It’s a return, a remembrance, and an acceptance of our truest selves. It’s a journey marked not by the milestones of conventional achievement but by the quiet realization that we are already what we seek to become. In this space, we find that healing is not about becoming something new, but about uncovering and embracing the beauty that has been there all along.

Cesar Rodriguez

Cesar is a Men’s Work and Relationship Coach with a passion for Entrepreneurship. Cesar has been running a Digital Marketing Agency since 2012. After reading the 4-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris, Cesar immediately hired his first Virtual Assistant in 2010. He now enjoys working on conscious marketing projects with his team of 20 people in his Marketing Agency. However, Cesar’s true passion is mastery of the inner realms. Having been lost halfway through his business career with pain and heartbreak that he wasn’t even aware that he was carrying, he knows full well the danger and struggle of being disconnected from the Heart and looking in the exterior world for that which we can only provide ourselves in our inner world. He spends most of his time working with men by leading men’s circles where men come together to open up, lift each-other up, and support one another in their missions; as well as coaching men in individual and group containers. He continues to expand his work with men through his brand ConsciousMasculinity.net. As an avid Truth student, Cesar has embraced the teachings of many of the greatest mentors of our time, from Robert Bly and Napoleon Hill to Ram Dass and Paramahansa Yogananda. He has participated across the spectrum of personal development training and traditional spiritual disciplines; From the top ranked personal and professional growth, training, and development seminars to plant medicine ceremonies and Kriya Yoga. Through his Podcast and blog: Love is Our Nature, Cesar shares his findings with the world, and enables people everywhere to live a rich and heart-centered life beyond what they knew possible.

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