Tachyon Energy: Igniting Limitless Power Within You

Have you ever watched or heard of the movie Aladdin? In the movie,  the character Aladdin came across a magic lamp which could summon a Genie and could grant him 3 wishes as long as it did not involve death or make people fall in love. This concept fascinated me for many months afterwards! What would I ask for, if I came across a magic lamp? Little did I know at the time that I would eventually open a wellness center in Coral Gables, Miami that could grant your desire, just like a magic lamp and the best part is that you could have more than 3 desires.


Tachyon is a subatomic particle, has no mass, does not alter the chemical composition, travels faster than the speed of light and works on a quantum level. You can’t see them, at-least not yet. However, you can experience them. Tachyons are not energy. They are a zero point field (neutral field)  which holds the blueprints for everything that exists. They are a basic force field in which  creation energy occurs. In other words, Tachyon are building blocks of pure creation that essentially asks “What do you desire?” 


The origin of tachyon lies beyond our space time dimension. This field ALWAYS exists. Just like we have access to hydrogen and oxygen, we as humans lost the ability to connect directly to this field until more recently. Tachyon energy was proven by MIT physicist, Dr Gerald Feinberg, in 1966. He is the one that named this particle Tachyon. Derived from the Greek word ‘tachys’ which means very fast. 


Tachyon particles infuse physical matter with very very high vibrational light, permanently changing the quantum properties of atomic nuclei that compose that matter. Although the chemical composition is not altered, the change occurs on a subatomic level. 

This means that this field can be infused into almost anything, anyone or any place such as crystals, metals, fabric, locations, including the human body permanently. Our human body is a complex energetic structure that contains over 75 trillion cells. These cells holds belief systems, memories and feelings that for the most part are very dense and are disabling us from manifesting our deepest desires. Since tachyon travels faster than light, it works with the DNA molecules to re-program the cellular structure information like a new software upgrade by decreasing the entropy (tendency towards disorder or decay) and density and filling it with high vibrational light and enabling us to feel and be lighter. 

This process eliminates all resistance both at the atomic and etheric levels and increases your alignment of your mind, body and energetic bodies to your most powerful blueprint. Tachyon creates new geometric structures out of old inharmonic striations that flow with higher vibrations. As you have more alignment, old habits, memories and belief systems are permanently changed, and what you desire comes to be. 

Essentially infusions of tachyon change the frequency of the object, place or body by lifting and harmonizing the vibration of your entire being, object or place from low to neutral, to high, in the most effortless way and with speed. The lighter you are, the more joy, clarity, well-being you enjoy in your body and in your environment. 

Health Benefits:

  • Restores chakras and meridians to a “Healthy Zero Point”. 
  • Accelerates the body’s natural capacity to heal from illness or disease. 
  • Many have reported an increase their physical and mental stamina.  
  • Many have reported a stronger immune system.
  • Promotes pain relief.
  • Assists the body in detoxification and creates deep and profound relaxation.
  • Works in reducing anxiety, diabetes, ADD, ADHD, Autism, letting of of old habits, mental traumas and increasing circulation among others. 

Energetic Benefits:

  • Connection with my true self in a deep and profound way.
  • Profoundly promotes metaphysical development and increased activation and strengthened third eye. 
  • Heightens intuitive awareness and helps to gently access all emotional memory blocks for mental and emotional release. 
  • Profoundly deepens the meditation experience. 
  • Assists in developing greater visual and audio abilities psychically. 
  • Assists in out of body experiences, in a positive, pleasant manner. 
  • Works in perfect alignment with your own particular mission and accelerates your ability to align with your purpose here on earth. 
  • Enables sensitives and empaths to be around people and places.

Well-Being Benefits:

  • Harmony begins to replace chaos.
  • Old stagnant relationships die and new healthy relationships replace the old. 
  • Your reality becomes magnetic. 
  • Immense clarity.
  • New opportunities and high vibrations naturally find their way.


The testimonials listed below are non-exhaustive and only a small sample: 

  • ‘The night that I used tachyon, I signed up the biggest deal that I have signed to date.’
  • ‘My intuitive capabilities expanded beyond my imagination. I could now tap into any field – person, object or location simply by my thought.’
  • ‘My relationship with my partner has been restored.’
  • ‘I manifested 500,000 USD within 8 sessions of using tachyon combined with tachyon consultation sessions.’
  • ‘Tailbone pain that I had for 4 years, went away within a month of using tachyon spa.’
  • ‘Avoided shoulder surgery within 5 weeks of using tachyon spa.’
  • ‘I feel so recharged for the first time in so many years. I am able to sleep better.’
  • ‘My single album manifested over a million downloads and interviews exactly as I had manifested in tachyon.’

In my own life, my intuition has expanded beyond my wildest imagination. I found a rental space in the heart of Coral Gables with no real estate agent and within 3 days. I knew no one and was new to Miami. 

I started Tachyon Wellness Center with no intentional marketing and within the first 3 months, had full clientele 6 days a week and this is in a country and location where I knew no one and had no network. My weight loss journey has been easy and effortless, reducing over 25 pounds in 8 weeks.

Collaborations with other high vibration change makers was easy and effortless even though I was in an absolutely new country and location. 


Tachyon fields used at Soul Space Miami have been blind tested with a team of ultra-sensitives which is 2-3 times stronger than any other tachyon product. Thermography tests (non-invasive infra-red technology) have been used to show the harmonizing properties of Tachyon on the body. Biowell scans, within 30 minutes of tachyon have shown alignment and increase of the energy centers. 


Tachyon encompasses all frequencies and all possibilities, and can only operate at high frequencies, making every healing modality a subset of the tachyon field. 

Tachyon is complimentary to any modality such as acupuncture, reiki, quantum healing among others. You can add tachyon products to your existing practice or business to receive a profound upgrade for yourself, your clients, your family or your environment (home, office, car). 

Since it encompasses all frequencies, you can constantly benefit from tachyon – meaning you can never outgrow tachyon unlike other modalities.

Most people who use tachyon and EES (Energy Enhanced Systems), have found that they prefer tachyons because of the benefits that they receive. 

Tachyon only uses piezoelectric fields to recharge and rejuvenate an object, place or thing and does not use any magnetic or electromagnetic fields. This means that the process is organic and not synthetic unlike many modalities. 


If you are alive,  you can benefit from tachyon. The tachyon spa can be experienced by anybody that is older than 7-8 years. This is only because the attention span of a child less than 8 years old may be lower than 30 minutes.

The effects are very individual since our biochemistry is different. For most people there are 0 side effects and a very small percentage may experience a mild detoxification within the body or mind. These are just imbalances that are working to create harmony within the body.


The best way to experience the amazing features of tachyon is in a tachyon spa. Here, you will have access to tachyon saturation that will enable you to vibrate so that you create your desires at a speed faster than light. Soul Space Miami is currently located at Coral Gables Miami. The sessions are typically 60 or 90 minutes. For the first time, I recommend 60 minutes. 

You can also purchase tachyon products for your home, office, travel needs and for yourself to help you maintain a high vibration. 

If you are operating at a very high vibration, you can also simply connect to the tachyon field by speaking to the field as if it were a consciousness. Along with your meditation or your mindfulness practices, declare your intentions with love and gratitude and ask tachyon field to do the work. You stay in this field for as long as you desire and observe how your life flows in harmony. 


Tachyon can be used beyond the human states and can also be applied to technology for future free energy, and to the whole of the universe for all possible creations. 

  • Request for blueprints of game-changing technology like smartphones, or internet.
  • Supernatural human abilities such as teleportation, telekinesis, flying.
  • Requests for physical or mental travel for past, present and future.
  • Request for blueprint for addressing a social cause such as poverty, raising consciousness.


Tachyon, to my knowledge, is one of the only techniques that I know that can change the life of humanity and earth in the most harmonic way and with supersonic speed. When you add tachyon to your life, you will change your vibration and your reality will change faster than you ever thought was possible. Leverage tachyon to your daily life, your family, your business life and watch the magic manifest in your life. Leverage tachyon to create paradise on earth that is in alignment with your mission. 

Elsa Thomas

Elsa is an Intuitive Alchemist and an international speaker. She is enthusiastic about life, passionate about growth, and committed to helping you and/or your business to work through stress, anxiety, and uncertainty to flow with ease during chaos, live a fulfilling life, and have harmonic relationships with themselves and others. Because she has lived in nine cities over many countries from the East to the West and has gone through multiple traumatic experiences in her life (such as living like a refugee during war, divorce, and having no home for several months) she has a global outlook that is both compassionate, fun and unconditional acceptance of who you are. One of Elsa's greatest strengths is her heart-to-heart approach, meditation modalities, and scientific techniques that allow you and your business to let go of control, and limiting beliefs and to live every day with joy, creativity, and passion. She has trained with some of the best trainers in the world. Dr. Jack Canfield, America’s #1 Success Coach, a certified Trainer in the Canfield methodology. Certified with energy healing techniques with Deborah King, and Jerry Seargent from Star Magic. A certified hypnotherapist from Mike Mandel, the best hypnotherapist in the world. Leadership certification with Kathleen Seeley, one of the best corporate trainers and speakers in the world. She has also trained with Bob Proctor, Raymond Aaron, and Dr Joe Dispenza. Elsa has successfully led multi-million dollar programs working with teams across the world. She has been instrumental in managing transformation projects working with Fortune 500 and Fortune Global 2000 companies in her earlier career for over 18 years. While she earned a six-figure income, she realized that she could do so much more to make a difference in the community. She had always been fascinated with the world of energy since 2004 and she knew that there was a better way to live her life, one that was more effortless and one with ease and grace. She turned to meditation and different healing modalities and realized that she was able to use these in her corporate life for better sales, for managing teams, her intuition, and even for her weight loss. In 2018 she was given the vision to contribute to creating paradise on Earth, which to her means each person truly living a life of joy and success on their terms and she chose to accept the mission. She moved from Canada to Miami knowing no one and nothing about Miami to start a brick-and-mortar tachyon energy spa to raise the vibration of the community. Today, she has successfully helped many individuals and groups to gain deeper trust and love in themselves that allows them to live life on their terms with joy. She loves dancing and performing in her spare time. Her question to you is - Would you allow the universe to co-create with you to live a life of joy on your terms. https://www.gablesoptimalhealth.com/tachyon

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