The Full Moon – Lunatics, Beliefs & How It Affects You

The Moon itself has been worshipped by many civilizations throughout time. There are countless moon gods in ancient tradition and mythology celebrated and worshipped, whether it be the Greek goddess Selene, the Roman goddess Luna, or the Egyptian God Thot. The moon has always been recognized for its influence and is known to be the most powerful energy without any doubt.

Ancient Full Moon Beliefs and Practices


In Hindu practices, there are rituals around the full moon to celebrate, gift things to your neighbors, distribute sweets and sing to worship the Gods. Native Americans on the other hand, have their rituals around prayers for guidance, ceremony, dancing and singing. In China, you can find a full moon festival celebrated for the past 3000 years and is now a public holiday. It was originally started by emperors to thank the full moon for the bountiful harvest of the empire.

Full Moon Spiritual Practices


Moreover, the moon can be found in many ritual and spiritual practices. In astrology, the moon sign represents our emotional landscape and subconscious. When astrologers read the sky transits, each full moon brings with it the realization of the energy of the zodiac sign it is in, allowing it to affect the collective with its influence.

In addition, you’ll find the moon in a tarot deck, where it represents the hidden truth. The moonlight is then considered to be the moon connecting us to the realms of the unknown, the hidden, and the unconscious.

How Does the Full Moon Affect Human Behavior?


This is because, during the full moon, the sun and the moon are in front of each other. The ego connects to the subconscious and so the full moon holds the energy of bringing forward the truth of the matter to our conscious mind. For this very reason, during many full moon transits, people find themselves at the crossroads of transforming with gained knowledge. The full moon does not let anyone hide, it reflects light to illuminate even the darkest forests of your life.

Rituals and Practice to Harness Full Moon Energy


The full moon with its culminating and polarizing energy holds the best time to set your manifestations and reaffirm them. There are many full moon practices that one can do.

You can write your intentions down specifically for your manifestations. Many people even journal and collage what they wish to have. Don’t be afraid to get out some scissors and some tape, to build a frame for your ideal dream. Looking to manifest your goals is an act of love.

In hindsight, there is nothing better than self-love as a ritual during this moon phase. This redirection of your energy inwards to yourself directs the universe to focus its energy solely toward you. This is often why a self-care ritual such as a bath is recommended to cleanse and nourish your body. This act of cleansing yourself with water, perfuming yourself and adorning yourself is one of power.

There are many other ways to hone the power of the full moon. Many people recite mantras and affirmations of what they want. Some prefer to light a candle with an intention and let it burn out, during the night.

The Full Moon and Femininity, Fertility and Menstrual Cycles


The moon cycle has always been linked to the feminine due to her menstrual cycle becoming a symbol for renewal, fertility and renewal as now the moon became associated with the magical power of birth itself. In many cultures, women were considered at the peak of their spiritual and magical powers when they were menstruating. This also becomes part of their spiritual practice where they try to sync their body’s cycle with the full moon, to feel more connected to the divine.

Lunacy and Superstitions


The moon has always been known to influence people. In fact, this is where the word lunatic comes from. The word lunatic comes from the Latin word lunatics which means “moon-struck.” This later also influenced the Middle High German word Laune which fell into the line of “humor, temper, mood, whim, fancy”. These superstitions started back during ancient roman times when a philosopher supposed that the full moon causes more moisture to gather in the brain and that leads to madness.

How Does the Full Moon Affect Your Sleep?


A lot of people prefer to stay awake during the full moon and soak up its bright light. This is considered a good time to journal, to recharge your energetic body with the influence of the moon. Therefore this comes as no surprise that full moons are harder to sleep through.
Scientists have found that the full moon does affect your sleep cycle and can cause disruptions. Research shows that during full moon nights, people take longer to fall asleep, sleep less and the quality of their sleep is diminished. This is because the deep sleep cycle reduces by 30%. So if you’re having trouble falling asleep, know that this is normal.


Stay Awake to Reflect and Spectate the Magic of the Full Moon


Mediation on a full moon night is great for reflecting, releasing and connecting with yourself. It is advised that one should find an open area to soak up the moonlight. Many people prefer deep breathing while imagining the moonlight seeping into their skin, to energize their souls. They imagine the energy of the moon to hold their body, mind, and soul together to unify it.

How to Use the Full Moon to Charge Crystals


The full moon is a great time to charge your crystals, with the light being in its highest degree of power. As crystals are known to have their consciousness they also absorb and transfuse energy. It is an important practice to cleanse them and retune their natural energetic vibration after energies attach to them with time. You can leave them out on the windowsill or the rooftop for a couple of hours on a full moon night. They will soak up the benefit of the moonlight equally as you.

The full moon night is one to only gain from.

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