The Book of Smudge Blessings & Intentions

This book is a unique collection of blessings and intentions to be used in the sacred art of smudging.  Each blessing or intention was lovingly created to enhance your spiritual practice and enhance your connection to the magical energy of the Universe. These blessings and intentions, each lovingly created and gifted, can be used to cleanse your home, bring you comfort, promote healing and surround you with peace and positive energy. The book also includes the intention for creating this collection, step-by-step instructions for smudging, how to perform a simple smudging ceremony in the privacy of your own home and useful links around this ancient sacred practice.

22 Unique Blessings

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  • 22 Unique Smudge Blessings & Intentions
  • Perfect For Beginners or Regulars
  • Step by Step Instructions
  • In Print or Mobile
  • Perfect For Cleansing, Healing & Positive Energy
  • Useful Links on Smudging

Whether you are new to smudging or regularly incorporate this ancient ritual in your spiritual practice, meditation or yoga, this book is perfect for you. The book contains everything you need to know about smudging including how to perform it in the most effective way possible, to what types of materials are best for use, an introduction that describes how this book came into existence, the intention behind it and how we are all connected.  A brief history explains the origins and reasons behind the sacred art of smudging. 

The blessings and intentions section contains 22 blessings and intentions to use or personalize in your smudging practice.  Each blessing or intention was created with love by a unique individual.  Know that all our hearts are connected and our hearts are now connected to yours. As you go through the individual prayers and intentions and find the ones that resonate with you, we encourage you, if you feel called, to connect with the energy of the person who created it.

It is our wish that when you make use of the sacred plants in your smudging practice, that the subtle scent of the earth reaches in and gently whispers love into your soul.

We invite you always smudge with the utmost respect to the sacred plants and this ancient ritual.

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