Smudge Kit Sweetgrass

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4 Directions
4 Sacred Smudge Herbs and Sticks:

4” White Sage Bundles – Bright & Earthy Scents (2)

Smudge Kit with Sweetgrass Braid

  • 🙏 Native American Braided Sweetgrass, Cedar & Sage Smudge Kit with Palo Santo. 1 Sweetgrass Braid 14″, 1 Cedar Smudge Stick 4″, 2 White Sage Smudge Sticks 4″ & 2 Palo Santo Sticks 4″. Smudge Box for Cleansing, Peace & Meditation
  • 💜BEAUTIFUL SMUDGING KIT IN GIFT BOX: A gesture of love for yourself or for that someone special! Gift the gift of positive vibes, cleansing your home, and spiritual peace. Each sweet grass braided smudging kit and sage for burning is made with close attention to even the smallest details using only natural grass and sustainable ingredients.
  • 🌿 FRAGRANCE & AROMA: When burned, the cleansing sage cedar sweetgrass smudge stick & palo santo spread fresh fragrance while illuminating your space that will help refresh your senses, uplift your mood and evoke thoughts of support along with inspiring joy with its scent.
  • ☮️ POSITIVE ENERGY & HEALING: White sage smudge kit for cleansing & washing away negative energy! This native American sage kit for home cleansing is carefully made and comes with a sweetgrass braid that works together to spread positive energy throughout your space while helping neutralize an area to promote harmony and balance.
  • 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨 CONNECTION & LOVE: 100% customer satisfaction! We made our burning sage and sweetgrass smudge kit to help you create a welcoming, positive and supportive atmosphere in your home.


Smudge Kit with Sweetgrass Braid Pack comes with :


4” White Sage Bundles – Bright & Earthy Scents (2)
Renown for Cleansing Properties.
Believed to Sweep Away Negative Energy.

4” Cedar Bundle – Fresh Evergreen Fragrance (1)
Intentionally Utilized for Deep Cleansing, Purification, and Protection.
Best Known for Evoking Positivity and Uplifting the Body, Mind, and Soul.

14” Sweetgrass Braid – Sweet, Attractive & Pleasant Aroma (1)
Traditionally Symbolic of Healing, Peace, and Spirituality.
Represents Positivity, Strength, and Connection With Creator, Mother Earth, & Oneself.

4” Palo Santo Sticks – Exclusively From South America, Known as “Holy Wood” (2)
Enjoy the Light, Sweet, Yet Earthy Scent of Palo Santo.
Accredited for Purification, Protection, and Ability to Raise Energy Vibrations.

Clear Instructions on the Sacred Art of Smudging
A spiritual journey filled with subtle scents of sacred smudge bundles and sticks nestled in a beautiful, yet intentionally minimalist design, recyclable gift box.

Gift yourself and loved ones with this precious gesture of love, harmonious balance, and positive energy today.

9 reviews for Smudge Kit Sweetgrass

  1. Amazon Customer

    Easy to light and burn, pure scent. Beautifully packaged

  2. LBC

    Great quality product. I will order from this vendor again. Thank you for the great service!

  3. Ot

    I didnt have high expectations but I was pleasantly surprised this is a great healing and clarity box

  4. Lian.G

    Very effective ~ created a peaceful and relaxing ambiance. I was dealing with stress and anxiety; I would replay events in mind surrounding a certain circumstance and needed more positive vibes in my home. Gave this a try and it worked very well. Opened the windows/doors, lit it, walked throughout the house, and spoke positive affirmations “This house is peaceful, I am protected, blessings chase me down, no bad energy is here” and many more… to clear bad energy. I have had sooo much peace and good vibes since then.

  5. Rob

    I recently bought a new house and wanted to clear it out, and these worked beautifully. Really nice set of medicines.

  6. Redlite

    The box smells good when you open it up, the sweet grass smells good just not as strong since it’s mixed with the others but the smell comes through after a few days of sitting

  7. Rae

    Great kit. Three of the four sacreds in one box.

  8. eric brown

    Perfectly packaged, love the box it came in. They also had two perfectly smelling cedar sticks included as a bonus! Don’t hesitate, just buy it lol

  9. Cindy M.

    This kit has everything!! Wonderful. I will definitely buy again. A lovely gift box too!

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