Sacred Smudge Trio 3 Pack

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White Sage, Palo Santo and Cedar Smudge Stick Smudging Kit. 1x 4 Sage Smudge Stick , 1 x 4 Cedar Smudge Stick and 2X 4 Palo Santo Sticks. White Sage Smudge Sticks for Cleansing Negativity and Healing

California White Sage Cedar Smudge Sticks, Palo Santo Smudging Kit. 1x 4 Sage Smudge Stick, 1 x 4 Cedar Smudge Stick, and 2X 4 Palo Santo Sticks. White Sage Smudge Sticks for Cleansing Negativity and Healing

VARIETY CLEANSING SAGE KIT: Tired of always using California White Sage smudge sticks for cleansing? Try this unique white sage smudge kit with a cedar bundle and authentic palo santo.. the perfect combo!

BURNING SAGE TO CLEANSE A HOUSE? This is the perfect sage smudge kit for cleansing negativity! Banish negative energy and invite in positivity. Perfect sage cleansing kit for the house, yourself of to use in your meditation practice.

SMUDGE KIT INCLUDES: 1×4″ Premium California White Sage 1x 4″ Cedar Smudge Sticks for Cleansing 2x 4″ Palo Santo Wood Bundles 1 x Step by Step Smudging Instructions

SACREDN SAGE SMUDGE TRIO: A wonderful gift of love and positive energy for yourself or someone special! This sage burning kit is the perfect tool to restore positive energy in your home or business.




1×4″ Premium California White Sage Bundle

1x 4″ Cedar Smudge Sticks for Cleansing.

2x 4″ Palo Santo Wood Bundles

1 x Step by Step Smudging Instuctions

7 reviews for Sacred Smudge Trio 3 Pack

  1. Steffan Redhawk

    Tradition teaches that certain herbs always go together – our family LOVES that this comes with the cedar as well as the Palo Santo! This is a fantastic smudge set, and we use it often!Thank you! Megwiich!

  2. pam mcelroy

    Doesn’t smell or burn

  3. Zero

    I use these smudge bundles for migraine control. I’m plagued by migraines that are often brought on by tension or smells. I have hyperosmia, a ridiculous sensitivity to smells. That sensitivity helps me maintain my coffee snob degree but really knocks me out when someone nearby has a particular perfume or argan oil shampoo.This smudge bundle is a wonderful combination that smells very nice. I can often treat a migraine solely with over the counter stuff and sage. The Palo Santo sticks are brutal on me though. I use them outside to scare away bugs as an alternative to citronella.

  4. Robert Cox, NYC

    This is a great trio of materials with known metaphysical properties.I’ve used Sage smudges for years to rid new homes of any possible bad presences. I feel like it’s worked and I certainly see no downside as long as you’re careful with the embers.The Palo Santo has a fairly nice smell to it.The price of $10 is excellent.Highly recommended!

  5. Amanda Lambert

    a perfect smudging set, simply packaged. comes with clear, ‘non-spiritual’ instructions on how to use. Very happy with this set!

  6. Mauro

    Love it

  7. buddha-dog

    The white sage bundle is authentic sage and a nice, tightly packed bundle which is important for an even burn. If you’re a beginner, this one is easy to use.In the instructions they recommend an abalone shell for smudging the sage, but any dish from the kitchen works fine.The Palo Santo is authentic, which is good because it is often counterfeited. It would be good if these were thicker, these are on the thin side (think a McDonald’s french-fry) so don’t look as nice in the dish and tend to go out.Not a fan of cedar, but it is a nice tightly wrapped bundle.

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There is an ancient and pine like smell to cedar, whose trees have remained relatively unchanged since prehistoric times. There is a woody scent emanating from both wood and needles, which makes it a beneficial smudge stick.

The metaphysical properties of this plant promote peaceful thoughts and aid in interpreting inner messages. As we journey toward spiritual enlightenment, cedar connects us to earthly roots and helps us ground ourselves. It has been said that Cedar has helped many of its users to build their confidence and courage on a spiritual level.

Yes, and Sage is effective for warding off negative energy. Keeping focused and grounded is important when meditating.

Yes, the sage is freshly harvested but has been through the drying process so it can be easily burned or preserved.

Although sage has antimicrobial properties, it is recommended that smoke be kept away from pets.

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