Sacred Smudge Kit Assorted

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As you carefully open this gift of love, you are embraced by a variety of gentle scents that evoke images of sacred journeys.
6 Sacred Smudge Herbs, Plants, and Sticks

Promote Positivity and Healing In Your Life With the Life of Gaia Sacred Sage Smudge Kit!


  •  SACRED HIGH VIBRATION SMUDGE KIT: Includes sage bundles for smudging 1×4″ white sage + rose, 1×4″ white sage + lavender, 1×4″ Cedar Sage, 1×4″ Yerba Santa, 2×4″ Palo Santo sticks.
  • 🙏SPIRITUAL CLEANSING SAGE SMUDGE KIT: For home, body, object, and crystal cleansing. Helps wash away negativity and promote positivity. Peace and calm. Perfect for meditation and yoga practice.
  • 🏡 SAGE KIT FOR CLEANSING FOR HOME: New house essentials or perfect housewarming gift. Sage to burn to cleanse your home. Sage palo santo bundle with cedar for the perfect fragrance.
  • 🙏 WHAT’S INCLUDED: 1×4″ Premium California White Sage 1x 4″ Cedar Smudge Sticks for Cleansing 2x 4″ Palo Santo Wood Bundles 1 x Step by Step Smudging Instructions.
  • ✨ INSTRUCTIONS: Smudging Kit contains step-by-step instructions to guide you in the art of smudging.

As you carefully open this gift of love, you are embraced by various gentle scents that evoke images of sacred journeys. 

6 Sacred Smudge Herbs, Plants, and Sticks:


4″ White Sage Wrapped with Gorgeous Rose Petals (1)

Bright and Earthy Incense-Like Fragrance.

Perfectly Tailored, Renowned for Its Cleansing Properties.

Believed to Sweep Away Negative Energy.

4″ White Sage and Lavender – Magical Blend (1)

Perfectly Tailored, Serene Bundle Combination.

Bright and Earthy Tones With Floral Scents.

Best Known for Restoring Emotional Balance.


4″ Cedar Bundle – Fresh Evergreen Fragrance (1)

Intentionally Utilized for Deep Cleansing, Purification, and Protection.

Best Known for Evoking Positivity and Uplifting the Body, Mind, and Soul.


4″ Yerba Santa – Known Worldwide as “Sacred Leaf or Holy Herb” (1)

An Uplifting and Aromatic Scent; a Balanced Mix of Sweet and Bitterness.

Historically, Yerba Santa Alleviates Congestion and Respiratory Symptoms.

Known for Promoting High Energy Levels and Boosting Mental Alertness.


4″ Palo Santo Sticks – Exclusively From South America, Known as “Holy Wood” (2)

Enjoy the Light, Sweet, Yet Earthy Scent of Palo Santo.

Accredited for Purification, Protection, and Ability to Raise Energy Vibrations.


Clear Instructions on the Sacred Art of Smudging

A spiritual journey filled with subtle scents of sacred smudge bundles and sticks nestled in a beautiful yet intentionally minimalist design in a recyclable gift box. Your Satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed.

Gift yourself and loved ones with this precious gesture of love, harmonious balance, and positive energy today.

6 reviews for Sacred Smudge Kit Assorted

  1. Tony F.Tony F.

    Smells amazing and calming when I opened the lovely packaging. Excited to sage my home plus the bundle is a great value. Will buy again in the future.

  2. Mariya

    I love what I ordered! It smells so good and the packaging is very nice!

  3. Sarah

    Thank you. I love how delicately they are bound. The packaging to protect it, was very effective.

  4. Michael

    Please add more Rose petals to the bundle! 2 burn before the sage is even halfway, but I so so love everything about these and started a subscription because I plan on gifting these.

  5. megbates

    These were beautifully packaged, well bundled, and burned nicely. I will buy from them again

  6. Rebecca Dunham

    This was a great value for what you got. I was trying to find smudge sticks as well as palo santo. Most kits had one or two sticks of each. This Life of Gaia box had 4 smudge sticks as well as two palo santo sticks. I’ve used the lavender and white sage stick a few times already. It gives off a good bit of smoke, and it is not fast burning, so I know the products will last for a long time. I will definitely buy this product again when I finish the sticks I currently have.

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