Module Seven Psychedelic Integration INTEGRATING OUR SHADOW SIDE


Shadow Work

It is in the unconscious where shadows live. Psychedelics can be strong catalysts for bringing these parts of self forward. As uncomfortable as it may be, when shadow parts of self are ready to rise to the surface, we are able to release and integrate them.

When they finally become seen and felt, they become acknowledged and have a voice that can lessen their hold on us. This is the process of Shadow Work.

When parts of self are hidden from the world, from ourselves, filled with shame and judgement for too long, they begin to leak out in ways that do not serve our highest expression of Self. They morph into what we may describe as traits or parts of our personality like insecurities, judgements of others and ourselves, self-loathing, indecisiveness, even depression and anxiety, the list can go on and on. The work we will do in this module supports a detachment from what may have held us down in the guise of protection for too long.

The work is in accepting our less desirable parts and begin to see them as being a part of us and perfect the way they are.


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