Module Four Psychedelic Integration FALLING IN LOVE WITH SELF Accepting All Parts of Self as Divine Perfection


Falling In Love With Self… Really?!

True Love of Self can be quite the journey in life to get to. After one has had a Mystical Experience, there may be a tapping into this unconditional love of self and others, or the visions and information received can show us parts of our self that we now feel a huge motivation to change. Within this latter possibility of experiences, there is a potential to not feel a deep love of self and rather a rejection of parts within. Without us accepting all parts of our self as being in divine perfection (what ever stage we may be in or healing we still need to go through), it is hard to also fully love others. Without loving one’s self fully, there will always be a part that holds back from feeling deserving of a life lived to the fullest and most joyous state.

In this Module we will focus on acquiring tools through meditation, reflection and art making to access and accept ourselves fully, so we may dive into the joy experienced when we walk our paths with a full Love of Self. When we feel completely secure in the person we are and path we are on, we can begin to allow love to come into our heart from others and share it even more freely with the ones that cross our path.


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