Luckeeper 7 PCS Healing Crystal Wands


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  • Height:About 2″;Without certification;7 pcs included:Amethyst, clear quartz,pink quartz and black obsidian, Green Fluorite, Lapis Lazuli,Rainbow Fluorite(Width is smaller than others,only 0.36″ width)
  • Raw crystals are selected by hand to be highly polised with exquisite craftsmanship to gurantee the crystal wands customers received are no chips and clean
  • Clearing by water:Place your crystal in a glass or bowl and leave under running water for several minutes
  • Benifit from crystal wand shape:Highly polished crystal points wand Shaped can get negative energy off the body by pointing away from it. Every crystal wand is highly polished with best handicraft.A terrific gift idea for those who are expert with healing crystals
  • Usage Recommendation:Sleeping well by putting the amethyst wand on your nightstand;Clarifying your mind and thought by holdding the clear quartz wand in hand;Getting away from bad energy by putting black obsidian between you and the negative person;Carrying rose quartz in your pocket to remind you open yourself to all of love;Rainbow Fluorite for you to making wishes;Lapis Lazuli encourage you take a lead in your own life;


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