Why Is Creating Safety & Strengthening Our Resources so Important After a Psychedelic Experience?

As we embark on this journey of integration, of greatest importance are the strengths and resources we can identify in our lives. There may be times when moving through this healing process feels hard and even dismantling of our current life structure. For this reason we may need to lean on resources we can identify in life.

In this module as we connect to what helps us feel safe we will be using the creative process, continuing to lean into our daily meditation practice, yoga exercises and recording our dreams to connect with our own personal strengths inside that keep us going when we are feeling the stresses of life.

You will also be invited to examine your own personal relationship with spirit or source energy which will become heightened as you continue your meditations. But ultimately, the strength we want to cultivate comes from within all of us, it is not outside of ourselves.

Throughout this module, you will be encouraged to develop a relationship with this place inside that has brought you here to this point. This intuitive knowing that you all hold within. That will keep you safe, grounded and strong on your path to integrating the healing that has taken place.

Key Points We Will Explore in this Module are:
  • Continuing the relationship to the medicine. Do you have a relationship with the medicine? Can you use her energy to feel safety and security?
  • Focusing on strengths and mapping what progress has been made as well as ways to continue that feel safe.
  • Reflection of how the experience has been integrating. Have changes been made? What are they? How are they working out?

In this second module, we will be working with a variety of ancient yogic techniques, somatic meditations, Sacred Geometry and specific Art Therapy directives to solidify a feeling of Safety as you move towards Healing Your Life for Good!


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