6 Day Solitude Retreat: Disconnect & Rediscover in Costa Rica

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Escape to the heart of Costa Rica’s tropical paradise with our 6-day Nature Retreat Package, designed for those seeking to disconnect and immerse themselves in the stunning beauty of nature.

Our permaculture farm, nestled in the mountains near San Ramón, offers a private and exclusive experience for our guests. With only one guest room, you will have the entire farm to yourself, giving you the space to explore the rainforest, permaculture gardens, and private waterfall at your own pace.

Take a guided tour of our off-grid farm and learn about the principles of permaculture that have transformed this once-degraded land into a thriving oasis of biodiversity.

Engage in daily activities including a waterfall hike, a permaculture farm tour, a bonfire to let go, and a guided meditation, or take the opportunity to simply relax and recharge in nature.

Let us take care of you and experience a transformative week that will help you rediscover your purpose and leave you feeling rejuvenated and inspired. Book your escape to our Costa Rican paradise today.


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