5 Day Find Your Spontaneity Tantra Intensive Retreat in New York

Upstate New York in Fall!

The forests are exploding with color, celebrating transition.

In this beautiful space, we’ll dive into our roots and contemplate the possibility of our own transformation, death, and re-birth.

Our sexuality touches the root of our origin, the root of our family, and the root of our life force.

We’ll enter a six-day journey to map the depths of these roots and learn more about the core of who we are.

This workshop uses sexuality as a portal to enter into the unconscious depths of our being. Sexual energy is the basic energy of the being; when it is impeded we are unable to reach our full potential.

This work acts as a diagnostic to help bring awareness to blockages and distortions and to bring this current of energy back into the light.

When sexual energy flows, life flows, affecting not only our sexuality but our all-over health and happiness.

We will explore our relationship with our bodies, our sexuality, our inner masculine and feminine, and the repercussions that those relationships bring about in the relationships we have in the outer world.

We use the energy of the group, dynamic meditations, yoga, and movement to bring us a unique experience in which we have the possibility of becoming more present, more embodied, and more honest with ourselves.

From this point of honesty, we begin to realize that it is in fact, us who are creating the discord in our relationships and our life in general.

Once we take responsibility, become the authors of our experience and can begin to take charge of our lives.

My teacher calls Tantra the path of spontaneity.

I can’t teach you spontaneity – nobody can. What I can do is help you to follow the trail that leads you back to where you lost it.


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