28 Days of Gratitude – Hosted By Kelsey Grace Hall


Transform Your Life in 28 Days Using The Power of Gratitude & The Law of Attraction!

What is 28 Days of Gratitude?


This 28-day program utilizes gratitude and the Law of Attraction to rewire your brain, heal every area of your life, and open you up to miracles of abundance.

Gratitude is one of the most powerful states you can be in as it puts you in a state of receiving. When you are grateful, you will attract more things to be grateful for. When you complain, you will attract more things to complain about.

The Law of Attraction is a Universal Law that states like attracts like. What you put out, you will receive. We have been conditioned to look for what’s missing, what’s wrong, and what we don’t want, therefore, we keep manifesting what we don’t want in our life.

This program will rewire your brain to search for opportunities, see the blessings around you, and open you up to miracles and abundance!

It all comes down to your level of belief and discipline to apply the lesson each day.

Each session will include a short gratitude focus & lesson as well as a guided meditation to get you into the frequency of receiving.

What is asked of you:


Share your gratitude list daily inside the group.

Post a picture, post, or go live sharing your gratitudes for the day inside the private Facebook group.

Be consistent.

If you miss a day, make sure you catch up right away to reap all the magical benefits.

Be open to receiving.

A lot of magic happens in this container, so get ready for miracles!

Play full out!

Participate in the replay as if you are live because the more energy you put in, the more you will receive. 


Bring out your playful inner child because tapping into that childlike wonder will allow you to dream about what’s possible. 

These are not required but are HIGHLY recommended to soak up all the magic from this program.

There is a magical formula and this stuff SERIOUSLY WORKS! Those people who follow each day receive either the exact manifestation they wanted or gifts they weren’t expecting, PLUS MORE!

One participant wrote on her magic check to receive $2500 and three weeks later she received exactly $2500 as a bonus from work.

Another woman manifested a FREE CAR!

One woman healed her relationship with her daughter and received a call from her right after a session.


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