Music, Mushrooms & Mindful Entrepreneurship: A CEO’s Journey

Powerful Encounters with Psychedelic Mushrooms: Shaping My Path

Let’s rewind to 2004, a fresh chapter after high school, college’s first year. In a web development class, I met a fellow student who was a musician. And at the time I got my guitar and worked on it for about a year and tried to learn because I’ve always loved music. Then came an unexpected suggestion: try psychedelic mushrooms. Back then, I was into some drinking and smoking, but this was a new realm. After a bit of research later, I decided to give it a shot.

Our journey into the unknown was eye-opening. As I strummed my guitar, everything just clicked. My love for music, my passion for various aspects of life—everything came alive on that trip. It felt like a missing puzzle piece had been found. This experience made me dig deeper, leading me to explore growing mushrooms on my own. This journey wasn’t just about music; it was about finding something missing in my life. It set me on a path of discovery, and I began experimenting with making my own mushroom-growing substrate. It was thrilling to realize that my homemade version was even better than what I could buy. This journey, alongside music, revealed a newfound passion and drove me towards building my business, enriching my personal life, and bringing my family closer.

Harmonizing Mushrooms and Music: The Path to Piano Mastery

That pivotal journey also had another twist—it introduced me to the piano. During that first psychedelic experience, I explored playing various instruments and found a hidden affinity for them. The piano was like an open book, inviting me in with its natural resonance. Unlike the technical complexities of the guitar, the piano felt intuitive. The notes, the harmonies—they all just made sense. Within six months, I was confidently playing the piano, and within a couple of years, I invested in a beautiful Kawai K-5. It wasn’t just about music; it was an expression of emotion.

Love’s Melody: Serenading My Wife with Music

Love, too, was woven into this journey. I proposed to my wife with a song that I had composed for her on the grand piano of a restaurant. The song had a history; I had shared it with her before, a love note sent across the ocean when she lived in Germany. Music was the language through which we connected. With shared passion for music, our bond grew stronger, especially when we first met.

From Passion to Business: A Path Paved with Mushrooms

This journey had an unforeseen destination—entrepreneurship with a twist. My curiosity about growing mushrooms grew during college, and as I began crafting my own substrate, a business idea sprouted. I started selling the substrate online and gained momentum through platforms like Shroomery. However, the story didn’t end there. A realization dawned on me—a shortage of quality gourmet mushrooms. This prompted a shift; I stepped into cultivating mushrooms too, diversifying from just selling the substrate.

Demystifying “Substrate”: The Base of Mushroom Magic

If you’re wondering, mushroom substrate is like a special soil for growing mushrooms. Think of it as the secret sauce that nurtures their growth. At MycoLife, we’ve developed our own blend, using grains and coconut core. These special ingredients provide the foundation for our mushrooms to flourish.

Passion’s Symphony: Building Relationships and Networks

What drives me is passion—passion for what I do, for growth, and for connecting with like-minded people. From cultivating mushrooms to networking and collaboration, this industry is unlike any other. The sense of camaraderie, of coming together for a shared cause, is simply amazing.

The Power of Partnerships: Achieving Together

Building bridges and partnerships is another aspect that fuels me. When you’re passionate about something, aligning with those who share that passion can accelerate your journey. I believe that working together brings a certain magic—things become more enjoyable and productive. This ethos inspired me to create a networking venue called Unity88, where artists, farmers, chefs, and creatives could come together. The 88 are the keys on the piano and the unity bringing artists, farmers, chefs you know people that are in this industry of artistic world together through events and enjoy ourselves. Through this platform, I witnessed how collaboration could create happiness and profound connections.

Future of MycoLife

As we look ahead, MycoLife’s focus remains sharp—on perfecting our substrate and crafting potent extracts. Over nearly two decades, our commitment to quality has yielded substrate blends tailored to different mushrooms. Extracts too are part of our journey, offering quality products that retain the benefits without the distinct mushroom taste.

Nurturing Authenticity: Addressing Product Concerns

In this journey, I’ve come to recognize the importance of authenticity and transparency. With imported mushrooms sometimes carrying harmful substances, regulation and testing are crucial.  It’s very important to know what we are putting in our bodies and getting mushrooms from other countries. Mushrooms that are sometimes imported from other countries contain heavy metals and it’s really hard to regulate when you don’t know where your product is coming from. Ensuring that we’re delivering quality products is a top priority.

A Goal Beyond Profit: Sharing the Benefits

For me, success goes beyond profits. It’s about expressing my passion for mushrooms and their potential benefits, especially in mental health. By collaborating with others who share similar transformative experiences, I hope to make a positive impact. After all, mental health is a cornerstone of well-being.

Guiding Lights: Advice for a Meaningful Journey

As I reflect on my journey, I’d advise others to chase their passions and stay true to their values. When you’re authentic, you not only enjoy what you do but also create a positive impact on others and the world around you.

In the end, this story isn’t just about music or mushrooms—it’s a testament to how diverse passions can come together to shape a meaningful journey. It’s about embracing the unexpected, finding joy in creativity, and forging connections that make life truly harmonious.

Scott Lyons

Scott Lyons is the Chief Executive Officer/Founder of MycoLife. He is a 20 year fungi veteran developing and refining fungi growth substrates, optimized for individual species and their growing environments; expert in the design and deployment of turn-key growing solutions, his company MycoLife is a beacon for those entering the adaptogens community. Whether you're new to the industry or a seasoned veteran looking to extend your network, MycoLife is here to serve your every need. We offer everything you need to grow mushrooms. From isolated cultures to the perfect growing medium targeted for gourmet, functional and medicinal mushrooms. In addition, we sell Mushroom compost for a variety of plants. Our organic substrate has been tested and altered for over 17 years now to become a highly nutritious, mycelium thriving, well blended formula. Steam pasteurized for four hours at an internal temperature of 150f and bagged at field capacity, MycoLife Substrate is ready to grow in the bag or used in a container of choice. My name is Scott. I am a mushroom fan and married to the love of my life! Without her, I would not have the drive to do all that I do, without her, this site would not exist! I hope everyone can enjoy her blogs as much as I do! I have been growing mushrooms for 12 years now and try to learn more about this fascinating kingdom every day. I love everything about this passion and believe we have not even found 1% of its potential. I graduated from the University of Florida in 2009 with a degree in Psychology and Family Youth Community Sciences. I have learned everything I know about mushrooms from research and trial and ERROR. I believe if someone wants to learn or do something bad enough, anything is possible and no hurdle is too large. We choose how to live our lives. Do what you love, love what you do, be happy and let's grow together.

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