Life is Happening For Me, Not to Me

Life is happening for me, not to me.

These are the words I repeated over and over again, experiencing the worst pain of my life. These words opened the channel to allow the power of the Universe to guide me to the greatest, grandest love story of all times.

My name is Kelsey Grace Hall, and I am an Intuitive Healer, Spiritual Light Coach, Speaker, Light Sparker, and Unicorn & I am living my dream life! I live in sunny Florida, manifested my dream home, a new love, my thriving business, and tremendous love for life! However, creating my dream life didn’t come easily, and it took deep spiritual healing to be able to manifest my dreams into reality.

I have overcome many painful experiences, but one that has catapulted me into my most profound awakening was when I was sexually assaulted in 2020.

At the time, I was a heavy drinker, avoiding massive amounts of pain, unworthiness, and self-hatred. The void of pain got so significant it led me to the pain I had never endured before. Before the assault, the Universe was gifting me plenty of times to learn my lesson to trust her, but I didn’t listen to the pain.

A few days after the sexual assault, I felt a calling I’ve never felt before. I was sitting at the hospital waiting to get the rape exam, and I noticed butterflies painted on the wall. Butterflies are a symbolic meaning of massive transformation in my life, and I felt the presence of the Universe holding me as I sat alone in this room. I felt this calling that I was meant to help people heal from trauma. This was before I knew about healers, so I didn’t know what that meant, but I trusted the Universe. This pain happened for a bigger purpose.

After the assault, I kept drinking. After a night of drinking, I woke up with PTSD from the pain I had after the assault. I moved back home with my parents, and it was even more painful to see my parents suffering. They didn’t know how to handle me or love me and were easily triggered, so it was a very challenging environment. This assault didn’t only affect me, it affected my entire family. They did the very best they could, and I am forever grateful for that.

I surrendered and embraced the pain, grief, disgust, shame, & helplessness, and the idea that the old identity of Kelsey Hall no longer existed. I wished things were the way they were before. I wished I could rewind to who I was. Unfortunately, there was no going back, and I knew things would never be the same. This begun the stages of grief and I allowed myself to experience all the pain so I could be a healer for others. My focus was on the fact that so many people are out there suffering from trauma, feeling alone, not sure how to heal, and I could be that light in someone’s darkness. This inspired me and empowered me to ask questions, go deeper within, uncover the truth, and heal myself so I could help others liberate from this pain. If I stayed in the idea of victimhood, I knew that wasn’t going to serve me or anyone else suffering. I had to grow through this pain to get to the level of love I could be and give to others.

In this allowance, the Universe guided me to everything I needed to heal. A week after the assault, I realized I couldn’t go to my parents for the love that I was craving, so I locked myself in my room. It was a foggy day out, and I sat in the middle of my bedroom floor. I closed my eyes and asked the Universe to please help me heal this pain. Crying, feeling sick to my stomach, heart-ripping open, and suddenly, something magical happened.

A radiant pink healing light came down from the heavens and poured into me. I questioned it:

Do I deserve this love? The Universe replied, Yes.

Is this love conditional? The Universe replied, No.

Do I have to earn this? The Universe replied, No.

I judged this energy & I came to realize that this energy I was receiving was pure unconditional love, and Grace. Even in the shame, guilt, and terror, I was experiencing the purest form of Unconditional Love from the Universe. I have never felt this before. This is when Kelsey Grace Hall was born. I was a Phoenix, rising from the ashes.

As I experienced this pure Love & Grace, I also felt the pain. I was feeling both Love & Pain at the same time. I sobbed tears of sadness & tears of joy. I felt my heart ripping open out of pain and out of love simultaneously. Healing was rippling through my existence and my being.

Since then, meditation has become my portal to Divine Healing and Unconditional Love. I would meditate to channel what the Universe needed to guide me next. Because of this, I decided not to go down the therapeutic path & was called down the path of working with Shamans, Healers, & Spiritual Teachers which catapulted me on an accelerated healing journey. I said yes to my soul; I said yes to the healing, & it radically changed the trajectory of my life forever.

Not only have I overcome sexual trauma, but healed so much that I manifested a love in January 2022. The relationship lasted a few months, but it was the first relationship in over 6 years and the first time I felt safe sexually. It showed me the sweetness of love, and it is possible to have a healthy relationship. It gave me hope that even after trauma, love is possible. Not only did I open my heart to love, but I created & now guide my dream healing programs, retreats, workshops, and have spoken on several virtual stages sharing my story. I have been a nondrinker since October 2020 with no urge to go back. I have helped hundreds of people heal & work with my dream clients to support them in their transformation. I moved to Florida, where my soul flourished, living in my dream home where all my manifestations came true. I am experiencing abundance radiating in my life unlike ever before. Lastly, but certainly not least, I am more in love with whom I am today. I wouldn’t change the past for this level of love I have for myself and the woman I am today. Because of the trauma, I learned to love myself again and help others do the same.

It’s been a beautiful awakening, and it started by saying yes to the soul work. It guided me to radiate in my most authentic self. This work is challenging, but it has set my soul free, and I am now living my mission to ignite the light in as many souls as possible. The level of love, joy, abundance, magic, compassion, & Grace I experience daily is extraordinary.

My journey continues in magical and miraculous ways, and I share the rest of it in my new book, Awaken Grace, which launches in Summer 2022. I share my journey of transmuting sexual trauma as a catalyst to deep spiritual healing & radical love for myself. I share how I went from self-hatred to tremendous joy that unlocked my gifts as a Channel & Quantum Healer for others. This is a love story about me falling in love with me again after abuse. I share the spiritual lessons that have evolved my soul, self inquiry questions, and guided meditations for the reader for personal healing. May these lessons and meditations support the readers through life in the most magical ways possible for their own greatest, grandest love story of all time.

If I can find love within myself, you can too. If I can manifest my dream life, you can too! I pray my story inspires you, the reader, to have hope and faith in this human experience journey. Everything is always happening FOR you. When you remember that, the blessings of the Universe will guide you back home to you.

To those who want to follow my journey, follow me on Facebook or Instagram: Kelsey Grace Hall and my website is Follow me on social media to stay updated on the launch of my new book in Summer 2022!

Thank you for reading and blessings to you all.


About Kelsey Grace Hall

Kelsey is a Quantum Healer and Spiritual Life Coach. She helps powerful souls take leaps and bounds in their lives through spiritual healing, emotional processing, trauma healing, and energy mastery. She has a passion for spirituality, guiding people to live their most authentic life, manifesting, love, joy, and fun. Because of trauma, I have been gifted to serve this world as a healer, Light Sparker, and World Shifter. My mission in life is to ignite the light in as many souls as possible, so watch out you might feel tremendous joy and love coming to you! I was born and raised in California in the beautiful Santa Cruz Mountains. I now live in my dream location, Delray Beach, Florida. I have a love for life and people, and pray one day to meet you!

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