Journey into the Womb: The Art of Conscious Rest & Yoga Nidra

The rhythm of the Womb is one of harmony with the natural world; slow and cyclical. This is the opposite of the fast-paced modern world that primarily asks us to live in the mind; disconnected from the body, breath, heart and Nature. 

It is no wonder then that such a large proportion of women report some form of imbalance within their reproductive system…

1/10 women will experience Endometriosis
1/10 women experience PCOS
1/10 women are challenged with infertility
75% of women report PMS and discomfort leading up to their cycle
** According to the Office on Women’s Health in the United States

The antidote…
To slow down, listen, reclaim your cyclical nature and attune to the whispers of your Womb. This can’t be done through the mind but instead is a somatic journey of feeling, sensing, and listening. This is where Yoga Nidra can be the restorative healing balm our Wombs deeply need. 

Yoga Nidra is a state of being that can be accessed through the Practice of Yoga Nidra, an ancient yogic practice that translates as Yogic sleep. It is a practice of bringing conscious awareness to your deep sleep states and ultimately home to your true nature. In this way it is a practice of slowing your brainwaves from Beta all the way down to Theta and Alpha… a place where stress hormones are metabolized, cells are regenerated, imagination and creativity are sparked, emotions are integrated and limiting beliefs are alchemized. 

Typically, you embark on this inner journey lying down while your awareness is guided through your physical body before journeying through subtler layers of your being.

How is this beneficial for my Womb you may ask?

Firstly, how aware of your Womb are you in your day to day life? How often do you create time and space to feel your Womb, to listen to her? 

In a Womb Nidra you are guided to bring awareness into your Womb and Yoni; feeling the subtle sensations that are alive here. Noticing the tensions that you may have been carrying for years, noticing layers of numbness and welcoming more and more the sensations of bliss and pleasure that are innate to your Womb and Yoni. 

Your body is always wanting to orient towards health. However, it requires your support and listening to do this. In beginning to listen to your Womb, she can begin to unwind tensions and harmonize imbalances.

Beginning to become aware of the voice of your Womb through the language of subtle sensations also helps to support greater discernment as a Woman as to who and what you allow both into your Yoni but also into your life. This is incredibly empowering as a Woman, especially when one realizes the sacred power of the Womb and the importance of honouring her voice. This can ultimately lead to more fulfilling relationships, whole-body orgasmic sexual experiences, greater self-worth, harnessing of ones creative energy, a deeper connection with ones intuition, living in greater alignment with ones unique Soul path and a reverence towards life and the miracle that it is to be here.

We all began life gestating in a Womb. She is a vessel of miracles. Imagine if this was collectively realized and remembered?

After exploring the physical body through a practice called Nyasa (the rotation of consciousness through different parts of the body and energy points), we drop deeper through the more subtle layers of the Pranic body, the Mental-Emotional body, the Wisdom Body, and the Bliss Body (the five Koshas). Some of the experiences at each of these Koshas include harmonizing your Womb with your Heart, integrating stored emotions, and transforming limiting beliefs.

Delving deeper into the transformative powers of Yoga Nidra, we uncover its profound impact on our brainwave states and neurological health. As practitioners enter the restorative realms of Delta and Theta brainwaves during a Yoga Nidra session, the body’s hormonal balance is fine-tuned, and stress levels markedly decrease. These slower brainwave states, commonly associated with deep sleep and meditative calm, encourage the body to tap into its own healing capabilities, regulating cortisol and boosting endorphins, which enhance mood and assist in pain relief. As we consciously spend more time within the realms of these deeper, slower brainwaves we can start to feel them within our ‘waking’ life. A peaceful calm and balance from deep within can begin to be felt throughout our day, along with greater access to creativity and an expanded perspective for navigating the relational nature of life with resilience and compassion.

Concurrently, Yoga Nidra engages the parasympathetic nervous system, which is vital for the ‘rest and digest’ processes. This activation not only supports overall tranquility and digestive health but is also crucial for maintaining the reproductive systems rhythm and health. The gentle coaxing into parasympathetic dominance helps mitigate the fight-or-flight response, offering a foundation for resilience and rejuvenation. This neurological nurturing positions Yoga Nidra as a keystone practice in the holistic management of one’s health, emphasizing its role in sustaining not just mental and emotional well-being, but also in fostering physiological equilibrium and reproductive vitality.

As the Earth cycles through its seasons, each phase essential for growth and renewal, so too does your body reflect these natural rhythms through your menstrual cycle. Creating periods of stillness and inward reflection is not just beneficial; it’s necessary for the flourishing of your Womb and your overall well-being. In these times of relentless activity and constant engagement, choosing to embrace the quiet, restorative power of Yoga Nidra is a revolutionary act—an act of reclaiming your natural state and nurturing your deepest self. This practice isn’t merely about relaxation; it’s about reawakening and sustaining the life force within you. As you integrate Yoga Nidra into your life, you invite an ongoing, gentle revolution, one that promises not just survival, but a thriving life, deeply aligned with the wisdom of both body and Earth. Let this journey be your pathway to a more vibrant, harmonious existence, where every breath and moment is infused with the deepest intentions of your heart and the ancient rhythms of the Earth.

Within every woman, there lies a silent space where her innate wisdom and greatest strengths are awakened. In Yoga Nidra, we access that profound stillness, allowing the body to restore, the mind to quiet, the womb’s power to be illuminated, and the Soul to shine.

Ellanah Fawcett

Ellanah is devoted to supporting others in softening deeper to their true essence and embracing the wild beauty of being alive. She has been creating spaces of heart-centred connection and transformation through Meditation, Yoga, Movement and Breathwork for over 9 years. She is a Reiki Master Teacher, Breathwork Guide & Ceremonialist, Women’s Circle Space Holder, Nature Lover, Mama to a beautiful baby boy, Heartsong Weaver, and a forever student of life. Ellanah’s journey began with her discovery of Yoga as a teenager. It was later when she began her studies of Anthropology at the London School of Economics that it became a fundamental part of her life and sparked her interest in exploring deeper Eastern Wisdom teachings and other healing modalities. These explorations were a catalyst in transforming her lived experience from disconnection to connection and igniting a deep passion for exploring how we can live deeper from the Heart and deeper in harmony with the natural world and that we are an inseparable part of. Her devotion to learning has taken her around the world learning from different teachers and lineages, exploring the common thread of Unity that pulses at the heart of all teachings. She is devoted to sharing all that she does from a place of reverence and remembrance of the sacred and mystical wisdom of our internal landscape and beyond.

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