Journey Into the Creative Portal: Exploring Sacred Geometry, Art Therapy & Psychedelics


Sacred geometry is a field of study that explores the inherent patterns, shapes, and mathematical principles found in the natural world, religious and spiritual symbolism, and ancient architectural and artistic traditions. It is based on the belief that certain geometric forms hold deep spiritual or metaphysical significance and can be seen as a reflection of divine order and universal truths.

Combining sacred geometry, divine intelligence, art therapy, and psychedelics can be a powerful and transformative experience.

We are all geometrical beings with infinite possibilities of how our life can be created, explored and enjoyed. When we are able to tap into and access the power of sacred geometry, we feel more balanced in our lives because we become more connected to the nature around us as well as our own infinite possibilities!

The very act of creating a reflection of what is represented in nature in a systematic and structured way that geometric images allow, invite a restructuring of our own mechanical and geometric systems within. Our DNA is based on this system of sacred geometry and images we take in with our senses have deep meaning to our bodies, psyche and healing.  Try it for yourself by creating various sacred geometrical images like the flower of life to access inner peace and restructure your own geometrical DNA and life plan.

The art of sacred geometry has been studied and revered for ages; from the note books of Leonardo Da Vinci, to the construction of the pyramids. There is an innate wisdom within our bodies that can be tapped into when we explore the magic of sacred geometry.

10 Ways to Explore the Connection Between Sacred Geometry, Healing, and Psychedelics:


What is the Symbolic Meaning in Sacred Geometry?

Symbolic Meaning and Emotional Resonance: Sacred geometry often carries symbolic meaning and evokes emotional responses. By actively engaging with these symbols and reflecting on their significance, individuals can tap into emotional and cognitive processes associated with personal growth, transformation, and spiritual connection. This engagement can help regulate emotional states and contribute to overall mental well-being. Reflect on the symbolic meanings of the sacred geometry encountered during your psychedelic experience. Explore how these symbols relate to your personal healing process and incorporate them into your daily life.

Meditation and Sacred Geometry

Meditative and Contemplative Practice: Engaging with sacred geometry through contemplation, meditation, or creative expression can be a profound spiritual practice, especially when one dedicates this as a regular daily practice. The intricate patterns and shapes encourage focused attention, deep contemplation, and a sense of connection with the divine or higher realms of consciousness. Use meditation techniques to quiet the mind and visualize sacred geometric patterns. Allow yourself to connect with divine intelligence and explore the depths of your consciousness.

How to Integrate Journaling into Sacred Geometry?

Integration Journals: Keep a journal to record your experiences and insights gained from your explorations. Write about the symbolism, geometric patterns, and divine wisdom that emerge during your psychedelic journeys and art therapy sessions.

Why is Symbolism in Sacred Geometry Important?

Study Sacred Geometry: Begin by learning about the principles and symbolism of sacred geometry. Explore ancient teachings, symbols, and geometric patterns to gain a deeper understanding of their significance. Which symbols feel important to you? Incorporate these in your life as pictures on your wall or placed in an area you will engage with them often, or even try creating these images yourself!

How Does Sacred Geometry Support Mental Health?

Integrates Your Whole Brain: Sacred geometry represents a harmonious and interconnected system of shapes and patterns. Engaging with these geometric forms can facilitate the integration of different brain regions and promote neural coherence. This coherence can improve communication between different brain networks, fostering a sense of wholeness and integration that supports mental health and well-being. The left side of our brain tends to be the more logical, technical side, whereas the right brain is typically the creative, intuitive side. For most of us, one side of the brain is usually dominant. The nature of sacred geometry engages both sides of your brain and helps them to work together, supporting balance, harmony and integration.

How to Integrate Sacred Geometry and Art Therapy?

Art Therapy: Engage in art therapy during or after your psychedelic experience. Use artistic mediums to express your journey and integrate the sacred geometric patterns that emerged. When working with a certified and trained art therapist, one is able to access unconscious processes through the art making to allow for a deeper and lasting healing to take place after your psychedelic journey. Using sacred geometry in combination with this process is an extremely effective form of healing.

How Can Sacred Geometry Rewire the Brain?

Neuroplasticity: The brain has the remarkable ability to rewire itself through neuroplasticity. Engaging with sacred geometry and incorporating it into one practice can promote neuroplasticity by forming new neural connections and strengthening existing ones. Regular exposure to sacred geometry can facilitate the rewiring of neural pathways, potentially leading to improved mental health and well-being.

Flower of Life Sacred Geometry Artwork by Charmaine Husum
Flower of Life Sacred Geometry Artwork by Charmaine Husum


How Does Sacred Geometry Appear in Nature?

Connect to Nature: Sacred geometry emphasizes the inherent harmony and balance found in nature and the cosmos. Many natural objects and organisms exhibit sacred geometric patterns, such as the spirals in seashells (Fibonacci sequence), the hexagonal cells in honeycombs, the way leaves and petals are arranged on trees and flowers. These patterns reflect the inherent order and harmony found in nature. To support grounding after your psychedelic experience, spend time in nature to deepen your connection with the natural world through sacred geometry. Observe the natural patterns and geometric formations in the environment, allowing them to reinforce your healing journey. By studying and applying these geometric principles, individuals seek to align themselves with the natural order of the universe, promoting a sense of balance and unity in their lives.

How Does Sacred Geomery Combines with Music, Sound & Vibration?

Music, Sound & Vibration: Sound frequencies and harmonics follow mathematical ratios, forming the basis of sacred geometry. The relationship between musical tones and their harmonies corresponds to geometric ratios, creating a sense of harmony and resonance. Sacred geometry is believed to have energetic and vibrational qualities as well. It is thought that specific geometric patterns can resonate with and influence subtle energy fields in the body, just as music does! By working with sacred geometry, individuals aim to harmonize and balance their own energetic systems.

Sacred Geometry and Elephant Artwork by Charmaine Husum
Sacred Geometry and Elephant Artwork by Charmaine Husum

How to Heal Using Sacred Geometry?

Healing Modalities: Various healing modalities, such as Reiki or acupuncture, incorporate sacred geometry. The placement of energy centers (chakras) or the arrangement of acupuncture points follow geometric principles to enhance energy flow and promote well-being.

Remember that the use of psychedelics should always be approached with caution and responsibility. Adhere to legal regulations, prioritize your safety, and consider working with experienced professionals to guide you through the process. The combination of sacred geometry, Art Therapy, and psychedelics can offer profound insights and transformation, but it is essential to approach it with respect and mindfulness

Charmaine Husum

As a Certified Art Therapist and Registered Therapeutic Counsellor, Charmaine Husum DKATI, RTC, CT supports people in finding personalized routes to emotional healing with a focus on inner resources and transpersonal connections to spirit. With years of experience and training in the area of Psychedelics, she helps people both in groups and individually, understand and Integrate the details of their Psychedelic Experiences using Trauma Informed Art Therapy, Counselling, Meditation and tapping into the innate Wisdom of the Body through various Somatic Approaches. Her current research enthusiasms are in neuroplasticity, neuroscience, epigenetics, mystical/ psychedelic integration and intergenerational trauma.

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