How To Manifest Positive Energy

How ToManifest Positive Energy

It is certainly challenging to stay hopeful and at peace amid all the negativity surrounding us every day. But as humans, it is key to learn to adapt and accustom ourselves to the ever-changing ways of life. Conquering problems and challenges by radiating positive energy is a terrific way to not only survive but thrive!


People are naturally attracted to someone who makes them feel at ease. While being “a ray of sunshine” may be effortless for some for others it requires a little more work.


Manifesting and creating positive energy is certainly possible with a little practice and commitment. Changing our mindset to something we are not accustomed to is not always easy, but as we slowly start to integrate more positivity into our lives, we also start to create more positive circumstances around us, that in turn make us feel good.


Here are some actionable tips to channel and manifest positive energy:


Practice Gratitude


Practice Gratitude



Gratitude is one of the most significant ways to manifest positivity. When you appreciate things, regardless of how trivial or mundane they are, our body releases an oxytocin hormone in charge of making us feel fulfilled and happy. Expressing appreciation, the moment you open your eyes in the morning creates a positive mindset that sets a positive trajectory for the rest of the day.


Plan Your Day Ahead of Time



Before you go to sleep at night, visualize how you would want the following day to unfold. List the things you want to see happening, especially those that inspire your creativity and motivation. Make a plan that is achievable for that particular day. Completing tasks always establishes positive feelings of fulfillment and productivity.


Put on Those Walking Shoes



Do not underestimate the positivity generated by the power of exercise. Getting our muscles warmed up and limbs stretched focuses our mind on feeling good and expels negative energy from our body, leaving us feeling healthy and content. It also promotes body positivity and improves overall mood.



Limit Social Media



As much as we want to feel connected to the world, social media is not a good place to bond with people. The internet is a breeding ground for negativity, unnecessary comparisons and drama that often leads to an identity crisis or simply starts sucking your positive outlook from life. Posting on social media can change how we view ourselves, since many views, reactions, and shares boost our ego. It leads to our dependence on other people’s opinions rather than what we believe. Staying away from social media liberates us from negativity which destroys our peace of mind.


Learn to Reframe the Negatives Into Positives


Positivity is a process that changes how our mind works. Finding the good or positive in challenging or negative circumstances trains our minds to view life from a unique perspective where we can understand and accept situations better. Reframing our mindset to be optimistic and resilient is helpful when encountering setbacks because we can immediately bounce back and make the most out of a situation. Acknowledging defeats with positive acceptance benefits us by becoming flexible without wallowing and expending energy on past mistakes.


Immerse Yourself in a Positive Environment


If we want to cultivate positivity in ourselves, our environment should reflect positivity too. Cleaning our rooms, clearing out clutter, or donating old items are simple methods to keep our minds and spaces clear. Also selecting who we choose to spend time with, what we read, what we watch or the events we attend are all essential considerations because positivity is a conscious choice.

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