How To Grow Spiritually

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How to Grow Spiritually

Spirituality comes from the constant cultivation of our purpose in this vast universe. Spiritual growth is an important aspect of delving deeper under the core to seek connection with the inner self that transcends our physical form. 

The alignment between mind and body creates a positive impact on your life and others. There are plenty of ways to not only create the connection but to also grow spiritually.

Whether you are a religious person, or someone who finds interest in exploring universal spirituality, acknowledging your inner self is an important step toward a fulfilling spiritual life. 

How Do You Grow Spiritually? 

Growing spiritually can be different for each of us and is a personal journey.  One can sit for hours in deep meditation, connect via their bodies in a yoga practice, smudging, or one can simply sit and indulge in the miracle of an exquisite sunrise. Whichever your preference, these activities open our minds to receive a higher form of connection. 

The following are some tips to guide you on your journey of spiritual growth. 

Anchor Your Values 

Determining which values you strongly believe in and uphold in your life makes for a strong foundation for spiritual growth. Integrating your values in every decision and action you take portrays a higher form of reasoning that not everyone has. Maintaining honesty with who you are, and with your words and actions is a manifestation of harmony between your mind and body. 

Embrace Change 

Change in any form can be daunting, but the essence of spirituality is to let go. Look at yourself in the mirror and ask what you would want to see yourself become. Imagine the image you would want for yourself, and the world, and become that change.  Stagnating in what no longer serves us keeps us trapped and unable to reach the incredible potential stored in each of us. 

Accept Our Humanly Qualities 

Humans are far from being perfect creatures. We are flawed and bound to encounter failures and commit mistakes. But what makes humans special is the ability to transform those imperfections into qualities greater than our human perceptions. Also, spirituality is not aiming for an immaculate record, but rather, it aims for something more powerful- a graceful acceptance of everything that is.  It is the quality of our responses in different situations that matter.

How to Grow Spiritually

Create Who You Are

While it is easy to describe your characteristics, personality, and physical features, it is entirely different when you try to define who you are to others and how you show up in the world. We have various roles to play and each one contributes to our growth. Identifying ourselves in connection with our relationships propels our mind to be that person we identified to be: A mother who loves her children, a sister who protects her siblings, a friend who you can lean on. It gives us a purpose to being, which leads us to open ourselves spiritually and contribute to others.  

Acknowledge Your Feelings 

As a normal part of our physiology, feeling all sorts of emotions is normal. An important aspect of growing spiritually is learning to acknowledge and feel these feelings, even the uncomfortable ones. People are mostly used to masking emotions because bearing our inner selves to the world is often seen as an expression of weakness. Denying deep-seated emotions is similar to lying to yourself, and this can affect you negatively in the long term. 

Be Kinder

The best thing you can do to express yourself and grow spiritually is to love yourself and others fully and unconditionally.  One kind gesture multiplies ten-fold. Being kind does not only give us a sense of fulfillment and joy, but it also allows others to respond positively. Spiritual growth brings with it a feeling of lightness and peace and being able to share this with the world is a blessing!

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