From Engineering to Enlightenment: A Journey of Self-Discovery

The universe always always always has my back. Did I mention, ALWAYS? Now, I didn’t know that when I was growing up, nor was I taught that in school or at home. It took me ONLY a little over 30 years to come to that conclusion! Of course that only happened if I was willing to let go of control and allow the universe to co-create with me! But would I let it? Uh-uh!

Read on to see how the universe decided to be my parent, guide, and friend.


It was the eve of August 2, 1990, I was looking forward to my birthday party the following day. My mom baked me a birthday cake, my friends were coming over, there were games planned and I was so excited that I didn’t even want to go to sleep. Before midnight, we heard over the radio that Iraq invaded Kuwait. Yes, I was living in Kuwait, a tiny country in the middle east with more oil reserves than it ever needed. All I could think of then was this was going to put a huge dent in my birthday party the next day. However, as I turned to look at my parents I could see the panic in their body and face and they, at least my dad, was not easily fazed. I started to get concerned. What followed over the next few months changed my life forever.

Airports and schools were shut down. My dad was called into work and had to stay over many nights. My mom, my sister, and I were together and we didn’t know what to expect. There was news of robbery, violence, and murder all over. My mom had the daunting task of keeping us safe. We were home all the time and were too scared to go out of our 600 sq ft apartment. To top it all, there was fear of scarcity of food. What’s interesting to note is that there was no actual scarcity of food. People were stocking up on non-perishable items. Fear, panic, and stress were now the new normal. My dad was compassionate enough that he bought bakery items, a staple then so that he could give to the community. Forgery was something that I didn’t know could exist until then. I was living day to day in uncertainty not knowing if I was going to be alive the next day. My parents were considering whether we should leave for our native country, India. In order to do that, we would have to travel over 1000 miles by road and we had to be careful so that we were not robbed or killed in the process. My dad decided to take the risk and he stepped up to be a leader. He hired a bus for all his team members and their families and for us to travel to Amman, Jordan, and then to Baghdad so that we could fly from there to India.

The journey was very risky, and at times we had to fly at night. Being in the desert, it was extremely cold at night and women and children were given tents and blankets. Many men didn’t even have that. At stopovers, the United Nations gave us food. Even basic needs such as pooping was no longer a task that I could take for granted. However, through the entire journey, the universe protected us and each person was alive and safe. We had multiple stopovers and there was fear of losing our passports which was known to be a huge problem at several camps. We were continuously protected and safe all the way and it was not until we reached India that we could breathe a sigh of relief. We were alive, we were safe.

This was such a huge turning point in my life. I was able to look at life with more compassion and appreciate even the small things in life.


The need for me to be safe and in control continued, I graduated with an engineering degree from IIT, India, popularly known as the MIT of India, and worked with a Forbes 2000 company providing Information Technology (IT) services and consulting for several Forbes 500 and public sector companies. I was successfully earning a 6 – figure income, appreciated by my team and seniors, and was part of the Leadership Council for my company. It was a safe choice and although I was making an impact, it seemed small.

However, I was always curious about energy and the metaphysical world for several years. It seemed like I was working hard, but from various books that I had come across such as The Autobiography of a Yogi, it seems there was another path. One of surrender, freedom, and impact. Was this really possible? Perhaps it was possible for someone else and not for me. My memories of leaving everything behind continued to haunt me and yet a part of me yearned to do more, be more and provide more value.


The death of my ex-father-in-law became another turning point. Yes, I could die, did I really want to die like this? Is this the best I could be? My partner, at the time, and I decided to expand our network to include change-makers of the world and to study with the best of the best. I explored meditation and studied with some of the most well-known teachers. I was doing all this in every spare moment that I had from work and every vacation. Every vacation, PTO (personal time off) was spent exploring the art of possibilities and taking one step at a time.


Nine months later, I was spontaneously given a gift – a wave of unconditional love passed through me. Some people call this a partial kundalini awakening and my life reached another turning point. I was filled with so much love that I had so much love to give.

Three months later while reading a book, I was shown a vision of the glimpses of the future, perhaps between 2032-2050, and what my life would be like. In the future, I was living in a different country, working a completely different job, in a different relationship, in a different home. It seemed the only common thing between my current life and the vision was me. Should I trust this glimpse?


I chose to trust and surrender and let go of uncertainty. I let go of my stable income, sold the house, and moved from Canada to Miami Florida, not knowing a single person and not even knowing how to immigrate or how I could be in service. What was crazy was I made this move during COVID. I was scared. I didn’t know how to make this work. I had invested several hundreds and thousands of dollars in my new line of business working with some of the best in the field.

  • Dr. Jack Canfield, America’s #1 Success Coach, a certified Trainer in the Canfield methodology.
  • Certified with energy healing techniques with Deborah King, and Jerry Seargent from Star Magic.
  • A certified hypnotherapist from Mike Mandel, the best hypnotherapist in the world.
  • Leadership certification with Kathleen Seeley, one of the best corporate trainers and speakers in the world.
  • Trained with Bob Proctor, Raymond Aaron, and Dr. Joe Dispenza.

Can I make a living and impact doing what I love?


I applied to application all that I had learned and decided to ask the universe for financial support. The company decided to give me a years worth of compensation which served as a whole year of paid vacation and what a blessing from the universe. Once again, the universe had my back.

I then asked the universe to show me the next step of how I could be in service. A few months later, I came across tachyon – a field of creation infused with source love which became my next journey to be in service and help uplift the vibrations of all that was willing to work with this field.

From a service-based corporate profession, I opened a brick-and-mortar tachyon energy spa to uplift the well-being of all who chose to do so. An angel investor decided to fund me so that I can continue with my mission.

Using energetic marketing, word of mouth, and the power of tachyon, more and more people started to find me and wanted to use this wonderful technology to help accelerate their wellness and spiritual journey. I came across the most beautiful community by being in service and even some of my best girlfriends through this journey.

Today, I teach busy professionals how to permanently end anxiety and stress using coaching, energy, and tachyon modalities.

Wow, what a journey, I was being in service, making an impact, and still having flexibility of time and it all began with the choice to trust and surrender.

Learnings from my journey:

  • Breathe Breathe Breathe. Many times I freeze during a chaotic event. The simple art of breathing allows more oxygen to get pumped into our bodies.
  • The solutions and/or resources for the solution to the chaotic event/problem are closer than you think.
  • Everything I want is on the other side of FEAR. Take a leap of faith, trust, and surrender. Support it with massive action.
  • Not making a choice is also a choice. I make more conscious choices each day from a place of trust and surrender.
  • My current reality is a reflection of my past choices. If I do not like it, I can change my thoughts and actions.
  • I am always divinely guided and protected. The universe always has my back.
  • Live each day with an intention. Start my day with a declaration and go to bed with a declaration.
  • No matter how bad the situation is, there is always a way out and there is always a solution. Forgiveness and gratitude can accelerate my access to a solution.
  • Each negative feeling in my life is a way to break free to more freedom and more impact.
  • My vibration directly impacts my health, business, finance, and my love life.
  • It is my divine heritage to live a life in abundance. Scarcity is an illusion.
  • Creativity, Curiosity, Fun, Love, Passion, Impact, Family, Community, Well-being, Legacy, and Abundance are the new social currencies.
  • I am a badass alchemist.

Elsa Thomas

Elsa is an Intuitive Alchemist and an international speaker. She is enthusiastic about life, passionate about growth, and committed to helping you and/or your business to work through stress, anxiety, and uncertainty to flow with ease during chaos, live a fulfilling life, and have harmonic relationships with themselves and others. Because she has lived in nine cities over many countries from the East to the West and has gone through multiple traumatic experiences in her life (such as living like a refugee during war, divorce, and having no home for several months) she has a global outlook that is both compassionate, fun and unconditional acceptance of who you are. One of Elsa's greatest strengths is her heart-to-heart approach, meditation modalities, and scientific techniques that allow you and your business to let go of control, and limiting beliefs and to live every day with joy, creativity, and passion. She has trained with some of the best trainers in the world. Dr. Jack Canfield, America’s #1 Success Coach, a certified Trainer in the Canfield methodology. Certified with energy healing techniques with Deborah King, and Jerry Seargent from Star Magic. A certified hypnotherapist from Mike Mandel, the best hypnotherapist in the world. Leadership certification with Kathleen Seeley, one of the best corporate trainers and speakers in the world. She has also trained with Bob Proctor, Raymond Aaron, and Dr Joe Dispenza. Elsa has successfully led multi-million dollar programs working with teams across the world. She has been instrumental in managing transformation projects working with Fortune 500 and Fortune Global 2000 companies in her earlier career for over 18 years. While she earned a six-figure income, she realized that she could do so much more to make a difference in the community. She had always been fascinated with the world of energy since 2004 and she knew that there was a better way to live her life, one that was more effortless and one with ease and grace. She turned to meditation and different healing modalities and realized that she was able to use these in her corporate life for better sales, for managing teams, her intuition, and even for her weight loss. In 2018 she was given the vision to contribute to creating paradise on Earth, which to her means each person truly living a life of joy and success on their terms and she chose to accept the mission. She moved from Canada to Miami knowing no one and nothing about Miami to start a brick-and-mortar tachyon energy spa to raise the vibration of the community. Today, she has successfully helped many individuals and groups to gain deeper trust and love in themselves that allows them to live life on their terms with joy. She loves dancing and performing in her spare time. Her question to you is - Would you allow the universe to co-create with you to live a life of joy on your terms.

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