Finding Serenity and Maintaining a Positive Mindset with Palo Santo

Have you thought about using smudge sticks but you are not sure how effective they are?

Try Palo Santo and let your doubts be erased.

Smudging is drawing people’s attention to the powerful impact of certain rituals for the purpose of inviting peace and positivity. With all the chaos and unresolved challenges filling our thoughts and body, the positive energy we try to manifest within ourselves is suppressed. For this reason, there is a great need for cleansing. Purifying our minds and shifting our outlook are simple but effective ways to restructure our perspective and learn to manifest genuine happiness.

Using Palo Santo wood affords one the required peace of mind and clears the haze that has been created by negativities. This scented wood has a reputation for healing and cleansing that goes back to ancient times when it was highly recommended in most spiritual ceremonies.


What Makes Palo Santo Unique?


Palo Santo is a wood that has remained popular around communities that practice smudging, mainly for its unique smell and other underlying benefits. It grows primarily in South America and its name translates to ‘holy wood.’ This famous wood certainly lives up to its name because it produces a heavenly aroma and cloudy smoke that evokes positive emotions which are beneficial to spiritual practices.

Oil and resin are found within its grain and this explains the sweet, citrusy, and woodsy fragrance. Sometimes, it can be harvested separately to produce more products such as essential oil, soap, and beads. The antibacterial properties extracted from its wood serve as a powerful remedy for various illnesses and the treatment of rheumatic pain, headaches, cold, and stress. However, beyond the physical benefits of Palo Santo, there are more benefits it can offer.
Palo Santo is known to dispel negative energies and cleanse the environment where it is used. It is closely related to myrrh and frankincense, both known for purifying energy and offering spiritual protection. Using Palo Santo as incense in meditation enhances a sense of calm, improves concentration, increases the healing rate from within, and builds a deeper connection with one’s spiritual being.

When is the Perfect Time to Use Palo Santo?


There are no specific times or rules on when to use Palo Santo. You can use it to clear negative and stagnant energies in your environment. You can use it after you have moved to a new space or simply when you return home from work. Whenever you require the benefits of Palo Santo, you can use it as much as you need.

Although smudging Palo Santo does not have to be on a schedule, regularly practicing the ritual can maintain a mindful process and positive mindset shift. Unprecedented occasions that can accumulate negative energy also call for an immediate smudge. Acknowledging how you are feeling and noting the thoughts running through your head are significant bases for scheduling a time for relaxation and invariably the right time to use a Palo Santo smudge.

Different Palo Santo Products


You can find various forms of Palo Santo available on the market and the methods of usage depending on what form the Palo Santo is – essential oils, powder, and smudge sticks.

Palo Santo Essential Oil

Palo Santo oil can be in the form of roll-on or anything that easily applies to the skin. Inhaling the aroma is also common, especially during meditation, yoga, and relaxation activities since the oil lingers on the skin longer than smoke in the air. 

Palo Santo Powder

Powdered Palo Santo is commonly associated with cleansing large amounts of crystals. Unlike the stick, it burns faster, requiring an ample amount of smoke to spread throughout the whole space. 

Palo Santo Sticks

The most common form of Palo Santo is the stick. Faint auburn streaks and deep amber wood defines its physical characteristic. Burning the edge of the stick emits a rich white smoke that you can disperse through your space by using a feather or waving the smoke with your hand. The best way to know if  the wood is authentic is that resin appears from within the grain. 

How to Use Palo Santo Sticks Effectively?

  • Define Your Intentions

Manifesting the energy you want to receive is very important when starting your smudging practice. Clear intentions serve as your anchor. The words you speak play an important role in inviting positive energy to bless your space while the healing, cleansing, purifying, and calming benefits of the wood amplify your intentions. 

  • Light the Palo Santo Stick

After defining your intentions, light one end of the stick with a candle or lighter. Initially, you will see black smoke come out of the stick while it is burning. As you gently blow off the flame, the smoke will turn white.  You can then walk this white fragrant smoke through every space and corner where energy may likely remain stagnant.

  • Spread the Smoke

Staying in one place tends to not make full use of the healing and cleansing powers of the wood. Try to ensure that the smoke wafts into all crevices and nooks. Using a feather, or your hand, gently move the smoke throughout your space.

  • Extinguish the Flame

After your Palo Santo smudging practice, make sure the stick is fully extinguished by putting it out in sand, or in a ceramic bowl or fireproof container. 

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