Create Positive Energy and Cleanse Your Space

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Create Positive Energy and Cleanse Your Space

Have You Ever Walked Into a Room and Felt Extremely Restless? 

It feels like some unexplainable force saps you of all your positive energy!

There are certain spaces and people that seem to have a negative vibe or energy about them. 
Unfortunately, there also those who readily absorb all this environmental negativity, upsetting their lives in the process. It can make them feel uneasy – they fidget, are anxious, struggle with poor sleep, and find it difficult to control their thoughts. 

If this sounds like you, you may want to consider cleansing your space, dispel the negative energy and improve the quality of your life.
There are plenty of options and practices available such as practicing gratitude, meditating, spending time in nature, or, our personal favorite….smudging. 

What Is Smudging or Saging? 

Smudging is an age-old ritual of burning medicinal herbs in rituals.  The plants are dried and bundled for use. The smoke produced by igniting the plant material treats persons and spaces by purifying the air, getting rid of odors, bacteria, dust, and pollen. Smudging also attracts positive energy, boosts mood, promotes mental well-being, improves clarity and enhances productivity. 

White sage is the most commonly used herb smudging, but you can choose from others such as Lavender, Cedar, Sweet Grass, Yerba Santa and Palo Santo (a fragrant wood variety from South America, also known as Holy Wood). 

When to Smudge? 
While there is no specific time to smudge, here are some special occasions when it really helps: 
If you are moving into a new house or new apartment. A smudging kit makes a great housewarming gift. 
Smudge your office space before setting up a business or starting a new job. 
If you have had an argument, or recovered from an illness. 
Make it a part of your daily meditation routine. 
After entertaining guests or visitors.

The Smudging Ritual 
In order to successfully perform a smudging ritual, you need a few tools on hand: smudge sticks, a ceramic bowl or Abalone Shell, and candles or matches. Use the bowl to collect the ashes. Ensure it is fireproof. A feather is optional, or you can simply use your hand to wave the smoke through the air. 

The items required for a smudging ritual can be purchased from
Ensure you reserve these items for the smudging ceremonies only. 

1. Start by calming your mind. Don’t rush through the smudging ritual. 
2. Think about an intention or what you want to achieve with this cleansing. Say it aloud or silently within yourself. 
3. Light the smudge stick and let the flame burn well, before gently blowing it out. Place the stick in the Abalone shell or clay bowl. Keep fanning the stick with a feather, or with your hand, to maintain the constant trickle of smoke. 
4. Hold the smudging stick in your hand, move around your home. Make sure that some windows are open and the area is well ventilated. Start at your front door. Cover attics, basements, closets, windows and corners. Move around clockwise. It is essential that you return to the place you started. 
5. Close the ritual by once again stating your intention. The vacuum created by the removal of negativity will be filled with a noticeable freshness. 
6. Don’t forget to extinguish the smudge stick. Store away your smudging tools for the next time. 

Smudging is a simple and powerful way to bring about a change and positive energy to your space. Purchase a Sacred Smudge Kit at for yourself, or for a loved one, today and start to incorporate this beautiful ritual into life. 

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