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Create Positive Energy and Cleanse Your Space

Have You Ever Walked Into a Room and Felt Extremely Restless?  It feels like some unexplainable force saps you of all your positive energy! There are certain spaces and people that seem to have a negative vibe or energy about them. Unfortunately, there also those who readily absorb all this environmental negativity, upsetting their lives in

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5 Reasons to Start Smudging

Smudging is a cleansing ritual involving the burning of bundled medicinal herbs and plants, most commonly white sage, to help rid places and people of negative energies. While it has been practiced for ages, the smudging ritual has become increasingly popular in recent times.  The benefits of smudging are plenty. In fact, some of them

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Life of Gaia

The Sacred Art of Smudging

What is Smudging Smudging is a peaceful ancient practice performed as an act of purification through the utilization of sacred smoke from hand selected sacred plants and herbs. Each Life Of Gaia’s kit is filled with blessings bundled with love, healing, positive energy, and light. Created with the intention to sacred smudge, and consequently, purify

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