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Awakening the Soul: A Transformational Journey to Ministry

by Dr. Samora
Sometimes, a profound inner longing beckons us to embark on a quest for something beyond the ordinary. It may be a desire to forge a deeper connection with the Divine, or a yearning to serve others in a more meaningful way. In my case, it was a call that resonated from the depths of my being, a gentle yet compelling voice that guided me back to my spiritual roots.

Microdosing: Unlocking the Potential of Subperceptual Doses

by Elaine Reinoso
Microdosing has emerged as a popular practice in recent years, gaining attention for its potential benefits on various aspects of life. By taking small, subperceptual doses of certain substances, individuals aim to enhance their well-being, cognitive abilities, and creativity. As the interest in microdosing continues to grow, its natural to have questions about this unique approach. In this article, well explore and answer the 20 most commonly asked questions about microdosing.

Journey Into the Creative Portal: Exploring Sacred Geometry, Art Therapy & Psychedelics

by Charmaine Husum
Sacred geometry is a field of study that explores the inherent patterns, shapes, and mathematical principles found in the natural world, religious and spiritual symbolism, and ancient architectural and artistic traditions. It is based on the belief that certain geometric forms hold deep spiritual or metaphysical significance and can be seen as a reflection of divine order and universal truths.

A Journey Into Cancer, Ayahuasca & Love.

by Carolina Williams
When I received the devastating news of my rare cancer diagnosis (Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumor) when I was 26 years old, recently married and with so many plans ahead of me, my world turned upside down. I had never asked for an 8 lb tumor to rule my life. As I embarked on the difficult and arduous journey of conventional treatment, I felt a deep longing for something more—a holistic approach that could address not only my physical ailment but also the emotional and spiritual challenges I faced. It was during this search for alternative therapies that I discovered the transformative power of our minds. In sharing my personal story, I hope to shed light on how alternative healing became a guiding light in my cancer journey, empowering me to thrive in adversity.

Shadow Work, Psychedelics & Art Therapy:  Exploring the Darkness Within.

by Charmaine Husum
The Integration of Psychedelic experiences using Somatic Art Therapy can be a valuable and supportive approach to Shadow Work.
What is Shadow Work?
Shadow work is a psychological and spiritual practice that involves exploring and integrating the unconscious aspects of the self, often referred to as the “shadow.” The concept of the shadow was popularized by Swiss psychologist Carl Jung, who believed that the shadow consists of repressed or disowned aspects of our personality, including our fears, insecurities, unresolved traumas, and unexpressed desires.

Conscious Masculinity: How I Reconnected to My Heart.

by Cesar Rodriguez
“You’ve been trying to find me in other women, that is where you’re foolish. You’ll only find me here, within you.”

That’s what the spirit of the Divine Feminine told me back in December of 2020 in a plant medicine ceremony.

At that time, though my life seemed great on paper, I felt a huge sense of emptiness.

I seemingly had it all. I was a successful entrepreneur, had great relationships with my family members, an amazing community of friends with whom I would share the best get-togethers and hot-tub parties in my condo in Midtown Miami.

Losing 4 of My 5 Children: From Grief to Grace.

by Vickie Menendez
As a spiritual coach and self-care expert, I found myself facing the darkest and most unimaginable depths of loss when all four of my children from my first marriage passed away separately, leaving an indescribable void in my heart.

1980 – Leslie.

In 1980, I experienced the pain of giving birth to a full-term stillborn, Leslie. I knew ahead of time that she would not be making that trip home with me. I was only 20 years old and had no idea how to get through it.

What Do I Do After My Ayahuasca Ceremony?

by Charmaine Husum
Are you struggling to make sense of the Psychedelic Experience you just went through? For many, their first or subsequent experiences with plant medicines such as Ayahuasca or Psilocybin can be life altering, leaving them feeling transformed, euphoric, connected or even present to deep insights and revelations about themselves. For others however, the experience can leave them feeling lost, confused or even completely overwhelmed.

Kambo and Bufo: Frog Medicines for Healing and Transformation

Kambo and Bufo are two powerful medicines that have been used in ceremonial contexts for centuries. Both substances have gained significant attention in recent years due to their potential for healing and transformational experiences. While they are often grouped together as “frog medicines,” Kambo and Bufo are distinct substances with unique effects and purposes.

Why Abalone Shells Are Used In Spiritual Practices and Smudging

Abalone shells are often used in the spiritual practice of smudging, which involves burning certain herbs or plants and using the smoke to cleanse and purify a space or person. In this blog post, we will explore the significance of abalone shells in smudging, as well as the history, symbolism, and benefits of this practice. The use …

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