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Life of Gaia was born out of a vision and dreamlike connection to the heartbeat of the Universe and The Eternal Mystery. A calling to return to the space of the heart by offering sacred herbs and plants to people from all walks of life. A shared desire to bring the world closer together, and ultimately, exist as one by connecting and experiencing the spiritual art of smudging.

The art of smudging is a ritual to be embraced with a deep understanding of our spirit, Mother Earth, the unification of her tribes and the intention to heal ourselves and this beautiful planet that we call home.

Smudging Ritual


It is my wish that when you open Life of Gaia’s sacred offerings, the subtle scent of the earth reaches in and gently whispers love into your soul.


With Gratitude; From My Heart to Yours,

More About Gaia

Gaia, Founder of Life of Gaia embarked on a healing journey several years ago, that led her to a spiritual awakening. As a business leader for over 25 years with work experience in across five continents, Gaia’s newfound awareness allowed her to realize the true need for connectedness.
Although technology seems to have brought us closer together through our digitalization era, it has done so on a very superficial level… Today, humans are lonelier than ever… Additionally, modern advances have affected ecosystems to the point that Mother Earth’s climatic changes are widely evident. A total disconnect within ourselves, other humans, with our planet Earth, and The Universe…
Gaia has been able to experience much healing through Life of Gaia’s blessed offerings; subtle scents of sacred herbs and plants hand selected by herself, and has created a special connection not only with herself, but with others, Mother Earth, and The Universe.
In Gaia’s own words, “Each gift box was created with the intention that when you open Life of Gaia’s sacred offerings, the subtle scent of earth reaches in and gently whispers love into your soul, and that you connect, on a daily basis, with yourself, The Universe and Mother Earth. It is my wish that you experience this deep heart connection and feel positivity in your home, body, mind, and soul.”
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