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Life of Gaia was born out of a vision and dreamlike connection to the heartbeat of the Universe and The Eternal Mystery. A calling to return to the space of the heart by offering sacred herbs and plants to people from all walks of life. A shared desire to bring the world closer together, and ultimately, exist as one by connecting and experiencing the spiritual art of smudging.


Since ancient times, it is believed that all plants and animals have a spirit that can connect to ours. The spirit of sacred herbs and plants is devoted to love, cleansing, healing, positive energy, and light.

Life of Gaia’s lovingly selected hand-crafted products will accompany you on your journey as you receive the gift of harmonious balance and positive energy. Magically tap into the power of the sacred herbs and plants to amplify your connection to love and a return to the heart.

The art of smudging is a ritual to be embraced with a deep understanding of our spirit, Mother Earth, the unification of her tribes and the intention to heal ourselves and this beautiful planet that we call home.


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With Gratitude; From My Heart to Yours,

It is my wish that when you open Life of Gaia’s sacred offerings, the subtle scent of the earth reaches in and gently whispers love into your soul.

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