A Journey Into Cancer, Ayahuasca & Love.

When I received the devastating news of my rare cancer diagnosis (Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumor) when I was 26 years old, recently married and with so many plans ahead of me, my world turned upside down. I had never asked for an 8 lb tumor to rule my life. As I embarked on the difficult and arduous journey of conventional treatment, I felt a deep longing for something more—a holistic approach that could address not only my physical ailment but also the emotional and spiritual challenges I faced. It was during this search for alternative therapies that I discovered the transformative power of our minds. In sharing my personal story, I hope to shed light on how alternative healing became a guiding light in my cancer journey, empowering me to thrive in adversity. 

The Diagnosis:

The moment the doctor uttered the word “cancer,” a rush of fear and uncertainty overwhelmed me. Questions about my mortality, the impact on my loved ones, and the sheer magnitude of the battle ahead consumed my thoughts. While medical treatments were essential, I yearned for something beyond the physical realm—an avenue to address the emotional and existential challenges that cancer presented. I knew I had to start living and stop surviving. I was determined to finish my master’s degree, experience motherhood and thrive as an educator.  I endured chemo for twelve years while I adopted my miracle boy Antonio, became a Mindfulness coach, created, directed, and taught programs in public, private and international schools, all while experiencing the daily side effects and fighting to have the aggressive cancer stay dormant. I always intuitively knew that I would not only be cured, but that there was a higher purpose.

Discovering Ayahuasca:

Through extensive research and discussions with fellow cancer warriors, I stumbled upon Ayahuasca—an ancient plant medicine renowned for its transformative properties. Intrigued and desperate for any possibility of healing, I decided to explore this unconventional path. After careful consideration, I found a reputable shaman with experience who had worked with cancer patients.

Arriving at the home where my shaman offered his ceremonies, I was greeted with warmth and compassion. I was terrified knowing that I had chosen to face my shadows and the unknown.  The facilitators, along with a group of individuals on their own healing journeys, created a safe and supportive space for our Ayahuasca ceremonies. With trepidation and hope, I embarked on this inner odyssey.

During the ceremonies, the Ayahuasca guided me to the depths of my emotions. I confronted my fears, explored the root causes of my illness, and released emotional burdens I had carried for far too long. The medicine allowed me to navigate the labyrinth of my psyche, shining a light on unresolved traumas and negative thought patterns that had contributed to my illness. I finally felt that I had transmuted all that toxic energy into love and compassion by seeing my abuser, my inner child, my parents, and my story as my teachers, mirrors and stopped being the victim. The Ayahuasca became a compassionate teacher, guiding me towards self-acceptance, forgiveness, and a deep understanding of my purpose in life.

Integration and Continued Growth:

Returning home from this experience, the real work began—integration. With the support of therapists specializing in psychedelic integration and a loving community, I diligently applied the lessons and revelations from my Ayahuasca experiences into my daily life. I engaged in practices such as meditation, journaling and connecting with nature to sustain the transformative healing that had begun. I had opened a ‘portal’ and I experienced a “spontaneous remission” since I chose to stop my oral chemo after 12 years.  It was the first time I truly trusted the Universe and Spirit and took the biggest leap of faith.

I started embarking on a journey that transformed my life in a way I had not fathomed. Just six months after my Ayahuasca ceremony, I received a spiritual surgery from John of God in Brazil. A couple of years later I lived at the Dalai Lama’s monastery to practice mindfulness and met him to receive his blessings and teachings. I was also honored to have joined Deepak Chopra’s Health Teachers team in 2022 when I decided to start my own wellness coaching and energy healing practice. 

Fostering Spiritual Connection:

A cancer diagnosis often triggers existential questions and a deep yearning for meaning and spiritual connection. Energy work was the most powerful tool in addressing these spiritual aspects of healing. By working with the body’s energy systems, I experienced a sense of unity, interconnectedness, and a connection to a higher power or universal energy. This spiritual exploration is what brought me to become a wellness coach and energy healer. 

Thriving through Cancer:

The impact of alternative medicine on my cancer journey has been profound. Emotionally, I have found a newfound sense of peace, acceptance, and gratitude. Despite the ongoing challenges of treatment, I approach each day with a renewed vigor and a deep understanding of the preciousness of life. Spiritually, I have forged a connection to something greater than myself—a source of strength and guidance that sustains me through the darkest moments.

Finding Meaning in the Journey:

While the challenges of cancer may seem overwhelming, embracing a spiritual perspective allows individuals to find meaning in their experiences. It is an opportunity to reflect on the purpose of life, the impermanence of existence, and the lessons that can be gleaned from difficult circumstances. By shifting their focus from “Why me?” to “What can I learn from this?”  Not only have I overcome sexual abuse as a child, physical and emotional abuse in relationships, a deadly cancer diagnosis, twelve years of chemo, but I have been able to share this amazing love that I first had to discover for myself. 

Today I can proudly say that I am living my purpose and have unlocked my gifts as a Quantum Energy Alchemist. 

A Message of Hope:

My journey through cancer has been an intensely personal and transformative one. However, it is essential to recognize that everyone’s path is unique, and what worked for me may not work for others. Our mind is so powerful that it can make us sick if we do not deeply heal our traumas, release emotions and unblock our energy field. The good news is that we can use that same power and grit to heal, learn, grow and thrive! 

The most important lesson I learned is this – LOVE , especially radical self-love , heals our body, mind and soul.

Carolina Williams

Carolina Williams is from Bolivia and has lived in the US since 1997. She lives in Coral Gables with her 13-year old son who she adopted from San Antonio, TX. After surviving stage 4 cancer at age 26 and enduring 12 years of chemotherapy, she started a healing journey that transformed her life. She opened her own Mindfulness Coaching and Energy Healing practice in Miami as her love project. Carolina has two master’s degrees in Bilingual Education and Gifted and Talented Education from Southern Methodist University. She has received many certifications and awards as an educator for 22 years. While walking on her spiritual journey, she became a certified Reiki Master, Chopra Meditation and Ayurveda teacher, Mindfulness Coach from Mindful Schools, Life Coach from the University of Miami, and a Bio-Well Energy Field scans certified practitioner. Carolina started her career as a Bilingual Educator and currently works as a learning specialist at a private High School in Miami. She worked in Education as an ELL/ SPED Program Director, Mindfulness Teacher, Reading and Dyslexia Therapist, team leader and curriculum developer. Her survival and healing journey inspired her to travel around the world to learn from healers. She learned Mindfulness from Tibetan Monks, and has met the Dalai Lama. She trained with Deepak Chopra’s Team and is part of the Gaia Healer’s Network as a Bio-Well Practitioner. She also organized Nature Based Mindfulness retreats at La Senda Verde Animal Refuge Bolivia and has developed Mindfulness Programs and Parent Academies in more than 13 schools in Plano TX and The American Cooperative School in Bolivia. She has recently developed and delivered the Mindfulness program for the Gulliver Miller Dr. School in Miami.

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